Stream of Consciousness

By the time Eldar got to Marseilles’ house, both he and Azra were waiting, the vampiric Nephilim having traveled through the shadow realm.

Eldar quickly filled both men in on what Dr. Lipkin had told him about Marcus, then added, “I haven’t met the boy yet but am due to in less than two hours. Azra, is he your son?”

Azra shook his head. “No, I’ve had no relations with a human woman, let alone raped one. Despite the fact that this is Archimedes’ daughter we are talking about. I respect him too much to cause harm to one of his children. You both must know that.”

Archimedes nodded. “I do, but then that begs the question of how Ezra could have escaped the imprisonment that the Knights Templar imposed upon him for breaking our law. He was draining humans and creating a human-turned-vampire army the last any of us saw him but he was captured and all his vampires destroyed. Even if one or more had managed to escape the Hunters, they would not have been able to sire a child. They’re undead and sterile.”

“Logic demands, as I did not commit this crime, that Ezra has somehow escaped or has been released. However, the fact that Marcus has been wandering the world alone for the past eleven years strongly suggests that he has either been re-imprisoned by the Knights Templar, in hiding or dead. As I still feel my bond to my twin, I can disavow the later. I would think the second option to be the most logical and likely. If the Templars had known of his escape, they would have informed the Council.” Azra pointed out.

Archimedes shook his head, “They might have chosen to keep his escape to themselves. Our treaty with them does not require them to keep us apprised of their affairs and the imprisonment of Ezra was their own response to his breaking the Supernatural Law. We were only informed because you are on the Council and they feared retribution if it was not made clear his crimes and the sentence. It was you who asked for imprisonment as opposed to execution. But now that he has escaped, if the Templars discover that he has raped a young Magi girl to create a hybrid. A vampiric Nephilim/magi could pose a threat if raised by the wrong hands, and that action may result in his execution. It may also result in the execution of the boy. I’m not sure it wise to inform the Templars just yet until we have Marcus in safe custody. He should not pay for his father’s crimes.”

Eldar interjected, “We cannot keep that information from them permanently. They will see it as a breach to our treaty.”

Archimedes nodded. “We won’t. I just want to have the boy under our protection before we notify the Knights Templar. Also, I want my daughter found and questioned. She may be able to shed more light on the matter. The fact that she has been underground for the past eleven years, but now has resurfaced at the same time Marcus has been taken into custody might not be a coincidence. Especially in the matter that Marcus claims to have drained a human who had tried to take him captive. Someone must have covered that up. It’s possible that Ezra has been watching his son from a distance, allowing the trials and tribulations of life and survival to train him, and cleaning up when necessary.”

“Well, I’ll know more when I speak to Marcus myself,” Eldar said in response. “It is still possible that he may have imagined the entire incident. Just because he is a Dampyre doesn’t mean that he hasn’t suffered mental damage. We don’t know what effect his genetics may have on his mind. If he’s been driven to feed off himself and attempt suicide those are signs of mental disturbance.”

“But the fact that he has been feeding off himself rather than others indicates an awareness. If he were delusional would he not be acting purely out of instinct?” Azra pointed out.

Eldar shook his head. “Not necessarily. We only have what Marcus told Lipkin. If he is psychotic, he may not be aware that he’s feeding off humans, and if someone is watching and cleaning up after him, namely Ezra, then it’s entirely possible that he has been. Right now, everything is speculation. I just wanted to let both of you know what’s going on, but I need to get to the wellness center and evaluate Marcus myself. I will let him know what he is and what I am, and hopefully, he will feel safe to open up fully to me where he might not have with Lipkin. And at the same time, I will be able to tell if he is psychotic and a danger to others.”

“Danger or not, he is my nephew. I will take him into my care and protection,” Azra stated in a tone that broached no argument, though Archimedes added. “And he is my grandson, and as he will need my guidance as he opens to his abilities, both Azra and I will take responsibility for him. Once you’ve gathered more information, we will speak again on what needs to be done.”

Eldar nodded and said as he headed for the door, “Let me know when you find Crystal. I’d like to be present when you question her, if at all possible.”


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