Stream of Consciousness

“What about his mother? Has she been contacted or questioned by the police?” Eldar asked.

Lipkin nodded. “Yes, but no charges are being filed against her. In part, because she’s the daughter of Adrian Marseilles…” Eldar widened his eyes at that, as he knew the man to be a very influential businessman. Lipkin continued, “and also because she claimed to have only been thirteen years old when she was raped by some unknown man, who had also kidnapped her and held her until she gave birth to Marcus. There is documented proof of her having gone missing on record. Though never a ransom demand.

She claims she escaped after Marcus bit her. It was simply too much and she abandoned him and returned home. Though she was too afraid at the time to tell the police the truth of what had happened in detail, other than she had been raped and held captive and had managed to escape. When they sent police to the residence, there was no sign of Marcus, and as he hadn’t been mentioned they didn’t look for a child. The house was in a name of someone who had been dead for centuries, Ezra Akhkharu. They did find an Azra Akhkharu through Interpol but he wasn’t questioned personally by the authorities because he had more than enough alibis that made it clear he was not the kidnapper, and in fact, hadn’t been in the United States at all during the time frame. Nor was there any indication that he owned the house in question. So, the authorities believe the house simply had been illegally appropriated by whoever had kidnapped Crystal Marseilles.”

“Was Crystal Marseilles able to describe her captor?” Eldar asked.

Lipkin shook his head. “She claimed that he kept her blindfolded in the beginning, but then after about a week, he removed the blindfold but wore a mask. Though she did describe him to be extremely tall–basketball player type tall. She said he was white based on the skin tone of his hands. Other than having raped her the first time, he didn’t lay a hand on her after that, except to keep her captive. He didn’t abuse her otherwise but kept her fed and allowed her access to television but no phone or internet, and she was kept locked in a room with no windows. There were also books and magazines for her to read and he allowed her to dabble in whatever hobbies interested her. Though she says she was mostly too terrified to do much other than origami. She said her father taught her origami as a young child and it was a way to keep that connection, and it served to calm her panic.”

“So, she was just a child herself,” Eldar said, shaking his head. “Did she admit to pulling Marcus’s canine teeth out?” Lipkin shook his head. “No, she said she just ran away. She claimed that her fear of being bitten drove her to desperation to escape because Marcus kept coming at her, even without the canines, until she managed to kick a hole in the drywall and crawl through. She had left Marcus in the room but had also left the front door of the house open due to her panic. So, she was guessing that he must have wandered out on his own,” Lipkin explained.

Eldar nodded. “Okay, well I’ll take it from here then. Thanks for filling me in what you’ve learned so far, and you’re right that it’s best not to contact any relatives until we know more of what we’re dealing with here.”


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