Stream of Consciousness

As Chaos settled down to a fresh bowl of popcorn, Zen watched the scene change below from the people of Land’s End to another area of the Earth.

“The boy is highly unusual,” The psychiatrist began as he spoke to a fellow psychiatrist. “He has been living on the street and when he attempted suicide, he was placed under seventy-two-hour observation. During that time, I witnessed him attempting to drink his own blood or rather drinking his own blood. It wasn’t an attempt. I spoke to him on the matter and he told me that he has a craving for blood and he’s afraid that if he doesn’t satisfy it some way, he may hurt someone. So, he chooses to feed off his own blood.”

“A vampire delusion?” Eldar asked.

Lipkin shrugged, “Perhaps but when I did a DNA study, there were some unusual findings that came up. I can’t exactly say that he’s not human but he does have a higher number of latent DNA turned on than normal humans. For one, he’s completely regenerative. It’s not instantaneous, but very rapid. Bleeding stops almost immediately and then depending on the severity of the injury from about an hour to a day healing time.”

“Hysteria,” Eldar asked.

“Perhaps, that was my initial thought until I did the DNA study. Now I’m fairly convinced it’s simply the unusual genetics, and it’s possible that the desire for blood may be due to a lack of some nutrient that his genetics require him to have. I have no proof of that, however. He may simply be delusional. He’s obviously mentally and emotionally distressed to have tried to kill himself. You’re the expert on children, so I thought it best to have him transferred to your wellness center. Though he fears he might hurt others, I’ve seen no indication that he has attempted to do so. And when confronted with aggression, his first reaction is to move away from the situation despite the fact that he’s stronger and faster than a normal human.

“We were able to locate his mother, though I wanted to speak to you first. I’d like you to perform your own evaluation on Jax before any family members are contacted. He claims to have been living on the street since he was two years old, right after his baby canines came in. He says that he bit his mother and tried to drink her blood and that she yanked his baby canines out and abandoned him in response. He has an eidetic memory by the way. Also, his canines are elongated. He told me that he’s always had the craving for blood for as long as he can remember but only when his baby canines came in, was he able to attempt to satisfy that urge. He said that something instinctual was triggered once he had the teeth. Also, recently when he turned thirteen when his adult canines came in, that instinct came up again to where the thirst increased to the point of desperation. He’s told me that he has tried animal blood but that it makes him sick and he vomits it back up.”

“Has he tried human blood other than his own?” Eldar asked.

Lipkin nodded, “He said that he sells himself on the street for food and money but that one time a man tried to take him captive. He says that he drained him of his blood and escaped. I tried to collaborate that with the authorities, as surely a body drained of blood would have been something unusual but there has been no such case. It might have been a dream that he believes is real. At least that is my best guess. Or, he is delusional and has psychotic episodes where he believes he is doing things that he’s not. I think it’s his fear that he might really be a vampire that might be triggering his hysteria.”

Eldar nodded. “That’s very possible. His thirst for blood, his mother’s reaction to his having bitten her; all of that could be contributing to that delusion to the point of hysteria, which then only acts to confirm the delusion.”

Lipkin nodded. “Exactly. Anyway, I’d like you to take custody and see if you can’t delve a little deeper into his history. I honestly don’t know why the SVU contacted me and not you. I work with adult mental patients.”

“Likely, because I was out of the country at the time on sabbatical. I just got back last week,” Eldar explained.

“Ah, that makes sense then. Well, are you willing to take him?” Lipkin asked, and Eldar nodded. “Of course. Have him transferred over and send me his file…” Lipkin pulled a manila envelope out of his satchel in response. “Here is everything I have on him, his medical and DNA study as well as my psychological evaluation.” Eldar took the folder and then took a few moments to briefly glance through it, though there wasn’t anything that Lipkin hadn’t covered except in regards to details.

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