Stream of Consciousness

Before Aberly could respond to the issue of the social worker, Samuel suddenly fell to the ground as if having a seizure though it only lasted a moment and with almost everyone’s attention on Aberly, it wasn’t until Martha screamed that they looked over and saw…

Aberly was the first to rush over as most everyone else backed away in alarm to see that their Pastor had turned into some sort of anthropomorphic creature. Samuel himself didn’t realize until he started to sit up and saw that his arms were too short from what they should have been. Then he fainted.

Martha screamed again. “What did you do?”

Aberly glanced up. “This is not my doing. I told you, I have to bite someone to change them. I don’t know what this is.”

Craven suddenly cracked up laughing once his initial shock wore off and he pointed at his father as Samuel started to come around. “I knew it! You’re a worm!” He held his stomach he was laughing so hard. “I can’t… I’m dying. This is so fucking funny. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.” Mike, Luke, and Wade couldn’t help but smile at the irony of the Pastor’s situation as he had been the one most against anyone else changing but had been the first. That and the fact that he appeared to be an earthworm with tiny hands and arms and legs and feet. Big enough to support him upright, but hilariously small in comparison to normal human appendages.

Samuel was in too much shock to notice the laughter or to respond to his son’s comments, as he was staring at his tiny hands and feet–everything but his underwear having slipped off during the brief seizure. “Wha… What? Why?” He asked looking up at Aberly who once again shook his head in denial at the look of accusation in Samuel’s eyes. “I didn’t do this to you, Samuel. I can’t explain it. The only way I can change someone is through my bite. If what I had was contagious, you would have been affected long ago.”

Martha, finally working up her courage, went over to her husband and took his hand. “It’s okay, Samuel. It doesn’t matter. It’s you who I fell in love with, not your body. I’ll take the change like everyone else and we’ll all go to this Sanctuary that Aberly spoke about. There you won’t stand out as being different and we won’t need to worry about the social worker.”

Samuel looked up at Martha with tears in his eyes and he asked, “But why has this happened? Am I being punished for my pride? Is this God punishing me?” Martha put her arms around her husband and murmured, “I don’t know.”

Chaos cracked up laughing similar to how Craven was laughing, holding his stomach. “Oh my gods, that was worth the wait!”

Zen glanced over at Chaos in shock of what had just happened. “Did you do that to him?” She asked.

Chaos instantly turned serious and said in an indignant tone, “Of course not. Not directly. You know that I don’t interfere in that way. I just churned up the Stream of Consciousness for some fun. I have no way of knowing what effect it will have until it’s happening. The only reason I knew to go back in time is that my mind is chaotic and I got a brief glimpse of the humorous irony of this particular situation just moments before. Come on. You have to admit that it was hilarious.

Zen frowned. “No. I don’t have to admit that because it’s not. The poor man.”

Chaos waved a hand in a dismissive manner. “He deserved it and you know it.” He then created a new container of popcorn despite the fact that the other was never-ending because it had been turning cold. He then returned his attention to other events happening on the Earth as he was done with his little history lesson leading up to that single event.

Zen gave her brother a disapproving look but with a sigh, she also returned her attention to see what was going to become of the chaotic mess her brother had caused.

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