Stream of Consciousness

Once dressed, he addressed the group again. “I am open for questions and comments now.”

Samuel immediately pointed and shouted. “You are an abomination!”

Aberly shrugged. “Perhaps, but it wasn’t my choice to become this. It was forced upon me by your ancestors–Adam and Eve’s line. Your ancestors dabbled in things that perhaps they shouldn’t have, but that doesn’t change the reality that I exist. And if you can get past your fear and prejudice, Samuel I am offering this to all of you. With the regenerative ability, the injury those boys suffered due to our negligence will be healed. Luke’s leg will grow back. Mike will no longer limp, and though Wade’s inability to speak is psychological, perhaps being in a stronger form, he won’t feel so afraid and will choose to speak again. He’ll be stronger than a normal human, and regenerative to where he doesn’t have to fear injury the way he does as a human child.”

“Better that they suffer the pains of life than the fires of Hell. You would be condemning them to Hell, Beast!”

Aberly blew out a breath and shook his head. “Where any of us go after death, Pastor is based on how we lived our lives. Negative deeds create a lower vibration which automatically draws our souls to like vibration, just as positive deeds create a higher vibration. Hell is a dimension of extremely low vibration, so naturally, those who do bad deeds in life will gravitate there, just as those who do good will naturally gravitate toward heaven.

If God were to punish based purely on form, then what about people born with disfigurements? Are they doomed to Hell based solely upon how they look? It’s the soul that is the important thing, and I still have my human soul, Samuel. I am still the same man I was before I was changed on the outside. Just as you all will be the same as you are now if you accept this change. The only thing that will change will be your ability to take on a hybrid form, along with your human. But if you choose not to accept my offer, that is your choice, but don’t deny what I am offering to the boys or others who might desire it based on your own fears and narrowmindedness. You don’t have to all decide right now, or even today. I’m just laying it out there, and it will be up to each of you as individuals.”

Craven immediately called out, “Hell yeah, I’ll accept your offer, Old Man. I’m down for being a were-creature.”

His father glared at him and said, “Why am I not surprised? Though as you’re already heading straight to Hell, you might as well go ahead. You have nothing to lose.”

Craven laughed. “Yeah, that’s kind of nice being free to do whatever the hell I want, Pastor. Though amazingly, it was you and mom who ended up being the liars when the boys came out of the woods. Wasn’t it? So, if I am going to burn in Hell for whatever you deemed to have been my sins to deserve such a fate, you are sure as shit, going to be right there alongside me.”

“Your mother and I have prayed and have asked for forgiveness.” The Pastor flatly stated, and we all came clean.”

Craven interrupted, “Bullshit! Lance took the blame. You never came clean and took personal responsibility with the authorities. You can’t just say sorry and expect forgiveness. At least that was what you taught me. You’re not sorry until you go to the FBI personally and say, “I was also responsible for what happened to those boys. I willingly kept my mouth shut, not out of a feeling of coercion on the part of the Sheriff, but of my own free will because I… didn’t… give… a… damn… about… those… three… little… boys.

You’re a hypocrite and a liar, and Abe is right that a person’s exterior form has no bearing on whether they end up in Heaven or Hell. It’s what’s inside. It’s how they live their life, how they treat others. We all make mistakes, but we also need to own up to those mistakes and make amends. Aberly is here doing that now. He knows that his silence cost those boys five years of their lives, and caused permanent injury, which he is now offering to alleviate because he has that ability to do so. And you want to point fingers and call him an abomination? You are an abomination, a worm wearing the skin of a human. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the form you took if you were to accept Aberly’s offer. You’re a coward and a hypocrite and not a nice person at all.”

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