Stream of Consciousness

Aberly then took a moment to remove his shirt, shoes, socks, and jeans, just wearing a pair of boxer shorts when he was done stripping. The rest of the town folk were speechless in regards to what Aberly had just revealed, so Aberly took advantage of that silence and shifted into his hybrid form, which was a bear form but bi-pedal like a human, and his paws were five-fingered, rather than four; with an opposing thumb. Though he did have the long bear claws, and his face was elongated like a bear with fangs in his mouth, and instead of standing six-foot-ten as he had as a human, he now stood nine-feet tall.

Everyone leaped back in surprise, as they honestly had thought that Aberly was just as crazy as Jarrel, if not more so. Jarrel, however, clapped his hands and shouted. “Oh, lovely!”

Aberly spoke, which surprised everyone, as they hadn’t thought that what they were seeing could speak. Of course, Aberly’s voice was much deeper in this form, but it was still his voice. “As you can see the shift is instantaneous, as well as painless, and I am not a mindless animal. As a Druid, I can also shift into a natural bear form, but even then, I maintain my human mind and awareness. That ability, however, is exclusive to my shaman abilities and training, not intrinsic to the were-creature change. As a were-creature, you would have a human form and a hybrid form similar to this, but as whatever animal you were genetically predisposed to. It typically has to do with your personality. Kind of like an animal totem.”

Aberly then reaching down and picking up his shirt and holding it in front of his body to provide some modesty, shifted back to his human form and then quickly pulled his jeans back on while still using the shirt as a shield to hide his privates. Personally, he didn’t care, but he knew that most humans were extremely modest and sensitive about the naked body being exposed in public.

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