Stream of Consciousness

Aberly blew out a deep breath as he gathered his thoughts. “I know that all of you know that I am much older than I appear, as I’ve been around since the adults in this town have been children. In fact, I’ve been around much longer than that. I’ve never shared my actual history, however, but I am going to do so now, as incredulous as it may sound. So, please remember to be patient until I am completely finished speaking before you question my sanity or respond.

Originally, before Man was created, this planet was ruled by a draconian race, and the reptiles–the dinosaurs–were their genetic creations, but then another race called the Annunaki came to Earth and desiring the gold, they virtually annihilated the draconian and reptiles on the planet using meteors. The Annunaki came into this solar system on an asteroid which shared an elliptical orbit with this solar system and their own, and once they rid the Earth of the dinosaurs, through terraforming they changed the earth to suit their own genetic creation–Man.”

The Pastor immediately stood up, outraged, and shouted, “Blasphemy!”

Aberly sighed and responded, “Samuel, if you will hear me out, you will understand that what I am saying is not blasphemy. God does exist as the One true God, and yes, he created humans, as in creating the human soul. But it was the Annunaki who created the physical vessels for human souls to inhabit. You can consider the Annunaki God’s tools to bring humankind onto the Earth. And I will also explain the angels in a moment as well. So, please sit down and be patient until I am done. I understand that what I am telling you and will be telling you is going to rock your world and what you have believed to be the truth.”

Aberly continued; “The Annunaki were tall winged beings, and at the time that mankind was first created, humans believed this alien race to be their gods. Of course, they weren’t, but they were highly advanced and had what seemed like ‘god-like’ abilities. Anu, their leader even proclaimed himself, the one true god, but he was not truly the One True God–not the one who created the physical and spiritual universes. So, let me make that very clear right now.

The first genetic experiments were the earlier forms of humans, Neanderthal and so on, but the Annunaki were not satisfied with those results, because they were trying to create a slave race to mine the gold for them, and the earlier species of man were too connected to the Earth to be of any use to them.

The Lemurians, which I am one of, were very similar to modern man. We were highly intelligent, but we were also very spiritual and closely connected to the Earth. Though I am not the first generation of Lemurian, I am of that species of humanity. It wasn’t until the Annunaki created Adam and Eve that they finally were satisfied with their human slaves, and those humans eventually became known in the world as the Atlanteans because that was the height of human society in regards to technological advancement. At least it’s first height. Today humans have once again achieved that same level but in a different form. The Atlantean technology was based on crystals and mental abilities, called psi-tech and there was still magic in the world at the time as well, controlled by a few unique Atlanteans which they called Magi.

The Lemurians, on the other hand, based their culture on shamanism, healing, and druidism. I am a Druid, able to control and affect nature. I am also a were-creature.

The Lemurian and Atlanteans were at war with one another. You might consider the Lemurians akin to the Native American tribes and the Atlanteans the Europeans who conquered them. My wife was killed when our village was attacked, and myself and my young son were taken captive. My son was sold into slavery, while I was experimented upon in the Atlantean genetic labs.


The Atlanteans were dabbling in genetics and were creating all sorts of non-human creatures. One such group were the Chimera, that was the result of gene-splicing. Another group was the were-creatures, who were human, but who’s latent DNA was affected to create animal traits. A werewolf is one such creature of this type of genetic alteration. However, werewolves are not what you believe in the myth. They are not mindless creatures who attack humans on the full moon. Though the moon does have a strong pull on were creatures, it is no more than it does on humans.

Just as the full moon draws up the more primal urges in humans, so it does in were-creatures. But the full moon does not force a were-creature to change. The ability to shift between human and human-animal-hybrid form is conscious and voluntary, and the were-creatures were sentient and as intelligent as human beings. I know this for a fact because I am such a creature. I am a werebear, which means that I can shift into the form of a bear-hybrid. And when I’m done speaking, I will show you.


After the Atlanteans made me what I am today, they put me to work as a guardian to whatever valuables they wanted guarded, because as a werebear, I became very territorial and would protect whatever was in my territory. I never knew what happened to my son, other than he was sold as a slave. I never saw him again, even though I search once I was free of my enslavement.”

Aberly was quiet for a long moment, the grief over the loss of his wife and child still evident on his face but after that moment he began to speak again; “Anyway, when the Annunaki returned, they were furious with their slaves for dabbling in genetics. They also felt very threatened due to their technological advancement, and so they used their terraforming ability and created the Great Flood to wipe out all the abominations and most of humanity, all except for a single line of humans. They took that genetic strain, those of Noah’s line, and also the DNA of all the plants and animals they wanted to keep and placed them on a ship. Though it wasn’t the type of ship that you believe it to be, and there were no live animals on the vessel.

And when the waters finally receded they reseeded the animal and plants they desired, as well as the human strand. The Annunaki collected their gold, which they had done before the flood, and they left the solar system, as the asteroid they rode upon was in constant movement, which meant they could only stay for a period of years before they had to leave to their homeworld again.

The Annunaki are no more, however, and what you now know as spiritual angels, are the Annunaki, because as ‘creators’ of the physical human race, God–the One true God–placed them in charge of watching over humanity. Just as a parent watches over their children, so must the Annunaki now watch over the race they created, as they are responsible for what they have created.

So, you see, Samuel, this version of history does not override what you believe. God still exists, and angels exist but also be aware that God has other angels besides the Annunaki angels who are earth-bound angels required to watch over humanity and Earth in particular. There are much older angels, having been created before the Annunaki, as a race, met their physical end; angels such as Lucifer and Archangel Michael, to give a couple of examples. They are not Annunaki angels but were created before Man was created and before even the Annunaki were created as a physical race.

I understand that what I am telling you is going to make you feel uncomfortable if you believe it at all but I lived through this history, so I know it to be the truth. When the Flood came, many of us had been forewarned and we retreated to deep within the Earth to what was known as Middle Earth. Though that place no longer exists, as many of the survivors who fled there were also Atlantean. And over time, the human population overtook the other populations and the other races which lived in Middle Earth were slaughtered, with survivors returning to the surface of the world when the humans caused a great cataclysm which destroyed that world. I was one of the survivors of the Flood, as well as one of the survivors of the destruction of Middle Earth. And I have been on Earth ever since. As a were-creature, I’m not immortal. I simply age very slowly, due to my regenerative nature. However, it is that very nature which can make amends to Mike, Luke, and Wade.

My bite can pass along the genetic alteration to where they too will become were-creatures. Not necessarily, werebears, as it’s unique to each individual, as the genetic change is not an infection, but merely an awakening of latent DNA that each human already has within their current genetics. But as I said earlier, I would offer this to all of you because you are family, and the boys need their family.

Plus, you need to know what I’ve just explained, even if you choose not to accept my offer so that you understand what the boys will have become if they do choose that which I am offering. Now, I said that I would prove that what I am saying is true, and I will, but please don’t be frightened. Though my form will change, I still maintain my sentience, my intelligence, as well as my personality. I will no more harm you in that form than I would in this one.”

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