Stream of Consciousness

None of the boys responded to their father, other than Mike giving a curt nod simply to let his father know he had heard him. Nothing changed in Luke’s mind of how he felt about his father, though he did feel relieved that he wasn’t drinking anymore. And Wade really didn’t remember very much of the man at all. So, he was a stranger like everyone else in town was as far as he was concerned.

After Floyd had his say, one by one, the other town members came up to the boys and welcomed them home and apologized for their past neglect, all promising to do better this time around. But the boys simply took all that with a grain of salt and weren’t going to hold their breath. If things were different, time would tell.

Jarrel grinned when everyone was done having their say and he clapped his hands. “Okay then. Who wants some pizza!” He then raised his own hand. “I do!”

Mike and Luke both smiled a little again. Wade just stared at the “madman”. He wasn’t afraid of Jarrel. In fact, he liked the odd man, and Jarrel was one of the few adults who Wade wasn’t afraid of, but he did notice that he was a bit different than other adults.

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