Stream of Consciousness

None of the boys spoke as they were driven from the City back to Land’s End, even when the social worker driving them tried to strike up a conversation, asking if they were excited to finally be going home.

When none of the boys responded, Ms. Reynold’s spoke to Mike who was in the front seat with her; Luke and Wade riding in the back seat of her car. “Are you boys a little scared going home? Your father has stopped drinking. He’s been sober for an entire year now, and I’ll be by once a week, in the beginning, to ensure that everything is going okay for you boys. Also, remember, that if anyone is hurting you, and the Sheriff, Doc or Aberly aren’t able to stop it, simply call 911 and they will send help from the city right away. You boys have been through enough to be putting up with any more abuse, or neglect.”

Mike nodded, and murmured, “I know. We won’t forget.” None of the boys were especially eager to be going home, but they were even less eager to be fostered out and split up. So, they kept their reservations to themselves. The important thing to the three brothers was that they were together; together they knew they could survive anything.

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