Stream of Consciousness

Lance hadn’t been the only one to have to go through anger management therapy. The Pastor had been ordered to as well, though no formal charges had been brought against him as had Lance. Floyd, not only had to attend anger management but only along with a parenting class would be allowed to take custody of his sons. Floyd was also ordered to check himself into a detox clinic and to attend AA meetings and stop drinking altogether. Montavier had sent him to the best clinic possible and it had taken nearly a year for the man to get clean enough where anyone felt satisfied that he wouldn’t return to drinking. Of course, there was really no cure for Floyd’s bad temperament other than serious ongoing therapy, but at least he was no longer a drunk. So naturally, an arrangement was made to where social services would make regular visits and checkups on the boys over the ensuing year to ensure that they were not continuing to be abused.

As for ongoing counseling for the boys, the judge after reviewing all the information presented from Dr. Lipkin and reviewing Jarrel’s mental state and condition, he decided to allow the mildly insane psychotherapist the opportunity to informally ‘counsel’ the boys in regards to post-traumatic stress as witnesses had revealed that he had a way with the boys to where they had opened up to him almost immediately.

Lipkin wasn’t happy about that, but he couldn’t deny that the boys had adamantly and consistently refused to open up to him over a year’s time. Needless to say, Jarrel was absolutely tickled to have been assigned an official case, and even Lipkin had to admit that it was a boost to the man’s confidence and might even help Jarrel regain some semblance of sanity again. Maybe if he helped the boys through their own trauma, he might help himself. Or so Lipkin hoped. It certainly was within the realm of possibilities.

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