Stream of Consciousness

Sheriff Lance Mathers or rather ex-sheriff Lance Mathers had found himself in a world of trouble after confessing, with dozens of charges being filed against him by the District Attorney. Not reporting the boys having gone missing, coercion, unlawful imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon were not minor offenses, and lying during an active criminal investigation were all serious offenses.

However, Montavier’s lawyer was good at what he was paid to do and he managed to get a reduced sentence of six months on account that the Sheriff had confessed and taken responsibility, along with the fact that none of those he had assaulted or imprisoned were willing to press charges or speak against him during the trial other than simply answering the basic facts of what had occurred when brought to the stand.

Even Hank, who still was angry with the man for what he had done spoke no overall ill will toward the man, outside the confines of the actual event itself. He reserved his personal opinion and judgment to himself and simply stated the facts. And Buford was more than supportive of his father, denying that his father was abusive and though he had always been strict with him and had at times used corporal punishment that it never had been to the point of abuse. And as the SVU had never gotten an actual look at his physical condition when they had spoken to him in Land’s End, he played down the beating he had received to have been simply a few angry blows having been dealt and nothing more.

Craven, of course, was still furious with Lance, but more so with his father, but even he did not malign Lance in court outside stating that the Sheriff had struck him with the baton when he had kicked his father in the knee. The Doc whom Aberly had sent the next morning to examine Craven as promised had stated in court that though Craven showed severe bruising after the jail cell beating, that there had been no broken bones or bleeding, or any permanent injury, and as he hadn’t taken any pictures… ‘serious bruising’ was left open to interpretation. So, after serving a six-month sentence and having gone through anger management, Lance Mathers was released and returned home.

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