Stream of Consciousness

The boys at first, or Mike rather, as he had been the one to do the talking, had lied to the authorities about what had occurred by leaving off key factors such as his stabbing his uncle, but when the SVU detectives revealed that they knew the truth of what had happened; when he learned that the Sheriff had confessed the entire truth, he relented and admitted the truth himself. Though none of the boys wanted to speak of any of the details of what they had gone through with Lloyd. They had made it clear, and evidence seemed to support that Lloyd never killed anyone once he had gotten his hands on the children, though Mike had revealed that he had made them watch his videos, threatening to do the same to them should they ever try to escape. That began after he had hobbled Mike for the second time they had tried to run away. Other than that, the boys were all very closed-mouthed about their ordeal, much to Lipkin’s frustration–their psychiatrist. Still, after six months of physical and mental therapy, Lipkin gave the go-ahead to send the kids home.

Naturally social services at first felt it best that the boys be fostered out, but Montavier managed to use his clout and had intervened with that, ensuring that the boys would return to family at his wife’s bequest which was really anything short of insistence. The SVU had also done a thorough investigation into Jarrel’s situation, though with the utmost discretion after Montavier reamed the SVU Captain for his detectives having questioned his brother without proper representation or supervision; even going so far as to threaten criminal charges against the department, and they had found no evidence of abuse. As far as they could tell Jonathan Montavier took good care of his brother, and according to his therapist, Dr. Samuel Lipkin, the same therapist having been assigned to the boys, Jarrel’s ‘abuse’ was entirely delusional. If there had been any lingering doubt, video surveillance of an instance of Jarrel’s active delusion was more than enough evidence that it was true. Unfortunately, having shown the same video to Jarrel in the past had not been enough to convince the poor man that his brother wasn’t abusing him. He simply refused to see the truth, a fact which broke Jonathan’s heart; knowing that his baby brother believed that he was abusing him.

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