Stream of Consciousness

“Seriously, a whole year has passed in this earth scenario we are watching,” Zen said with a growing sense of impatience, which for her, being Zen, was highly unusual.

Chaos smiled. “Be patient sister. Aren’t you the one who is always saying that to me? All will be revealed soon.”

A full year passed before the boys were finally released into the care of their relatives at Land’s End.

Luke ended up losing his leg despite the best surgeon assigned to his case and had been outfitted with a state-of-the-art prosthetic limb and had spent the last six months learning to walk on it. Needless to say, the loss of his leg only added to the boy’s rage.

Despite the best speech therapists Wade still wasn’t speaking, though he had been learning American Sign Language along with his brothers so they could understand him. Montavier even paid for an instructor to teach the rest of the relatives the sign language so that they also could understand Wade. Not that he used it much, other than with his brothers. He simply showed no real desire to communicate with anyone else.

And Mike, though no charges were brought against him in regards to his having killed his uncle, he would always walk with a severe limp and be in pain from the severe whippings he had received, having acquired permanent nerve damage in his back along his spine; pain that anything short of a strong shot of morphine could never really fully abate. Pot, however, did seem to take the worse of the edge off without leaving him too groggy to function. So, he was given a legal prescription for that.

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