Stream of Consciousness

“Okay Jarrel,” Delaney said with a smile as he turned back to the tiny man. “We’ll let you get back to bed. We’re sorry for waking you up.” Jarrel shook his head. “It’s okay. I’m awake now. Won’t you stay and visit a while? We could watch a movie or two?”

Both shook their heads. “No, we need to get back to the City but thanks for asking. Maybe another time,” Maggie spoke for the both of them. “I’ll let Aberly know we’re leaving and we’ll see ourselves out. Oh…” Maggie went over and placed a card down on the table. “If you should ever need us for anything, don’t hesitate to call. You have a phone down here. Right?” Jarrel nodded and gestured to the landline on a table. “I also have a cell phone. I have a laptop too, but Jonny doesn’t like me using the internet unsupervised. He says there’s a lot of perverts who might take advantage of me on there if they found out I’m insane.”

Delaney nodded in full agreement with that. “That’s true…” Jarrel interjected with a smile, “But I have lots of games and Jonny has a program that downloads the news for me from the internet automatically. I have an Xbox too and a Wii Kinect. You can do dancing on that. I like dancing. You want to try?” Maggie smiled. “Thanks, but we really do need to get going. It’s late and neither of us has eaten yet.”

“Oh! I can make you some dinner. I got lots of food. I’m a great cook. If Aberly lets me go upstairs I can make us a full meal if you’d like. I’m not really very hungry myself but I wouldn’t mind whipping up something for the two of you…” Delaney shook his head. “No, but thank you, Jarrel. We have food that we ordered earlier. We just haven’t eaten it.”

Jarrel gestured to his small dining table. “Well feel free to use my dining room…” Maggie interrupted, “You are more than kind, but we really do need to go. We need to speak to one more person before we leave and it is getting late. We’ve already woken up two people. Hopefully, if we get back quickly, we won’t have to wake a third.”

Jarrel nodded as he began surfing the channels with the remote, stopping at Nickelodeon and clapping his hands with glee. “Oh, wonderful! Sponge Bob!” Maggie and Delaney took that as their cue to leave.

By the time the detectives got back upstairs, Aberly was just hanging up the phone from having filled Montavier in on the most recent events in Land’s End. He had also let him know that the SVU was checking up on Jarrel and that he had taken the liberty of telling them about his delusions of being abused. Montavier wasn’t entirely happy with that revelation to the authorities but he knew that it was better for them to have been forewarned than to have Jarrel having let it slip. So Montavier prepared himself for the possibility of being questioned concerning his brother.

Of course, Montavier had already been made aware of what Lance had done, as Lance had called him asking for a good lawyer, which Montavier was already taking care of. The part about the SVU detectives showing up and questioning Jarrel, however, was news to him and so he had appreciated the forewarning. Well, at least warning. It really couldn’t be considered forewarning. If he had been afforded that, he would have called the SVU Captain and would have lodged a complaint about his brother being questioned without him or a lawyer present to ensure that he wasn’t being manipulated or bullied in any way. Still, even after the fact, Montavier kept that card up his sleeve. Anything Jarrel said without proper representation could not be used if he did say anything untoward. So Montavier wasn’t overly concerned with regards to Jarrel. Lance’s situation, however, was much more serious and Jonathan’s wife Adeline was extremely concerned for her brother-in-law and had made it clear that she expected her husband to ‘handle the matter’.


“We’re done here,” Maggie said as Aberly turned toward them. “Should we, uh. Lock the basement door?” Aberly nodded. “Probably would be a good idea. I promise I’ll let him out in the morning but I’d rather not have him wandering around the town tonight. He’s awake now and who knows what mischief he might get into while everyone’s asleep.”

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