Stream of Consciousness

Jarrel grinned as he was awoken by Aberly; the man gently shaking him awake. “How are you feeling, Jarrel?” Jarrel sat up in bed. “I’m doing great, Abe. How about you? Is it morning already?” Jarrel asked rubbing at his eyes. Aberly shook his head. “No, it’s still night time, but there’s a couple of SVU detectives from the City who want to talk to you, to make sure you’re okay. Do you want to go upstairs and talk and go to sleep in your bedroom up there? Or would you prefer to stay down here for the night?”

Jarrel yawned and stretched. “Well, I’ve already been sleeping in this bed. So, I guess I can sleep down here, but you’ll let me out in the morning, Abe? I want to do my tai chi outside in the sun and I can’t if I’m locked up.” Aberly nodded. “Yes, if that’s what you want. Anyway, this is Detective McGuire and Detective Delaney. I’m going to leave you three alone to talk while I go upstairs and call your brother to let him know what’s been going on. He’ll want to know that the Sheriff has confessed if Lance hasn’t called him already. If that’s okay with the two of you that is?” Both detectives nodded in agreement. So Aberly left the three alone.


Maggie turned to Jarrel who had gotten out of bed and was padding into the living room area with a robe and slippers on now. “How are you doing, Jarrel? Are you hurt?” Jarrel turned in surprise having no recollection of what had occurred earlier in the day. “Hurt? No. I’m not hurt. It was the three boys who were hurt. Didn’t you see them in town?” Maggie nodded. “Yes, they’ve been transferred to a hospital.”

Jarrel sat down in his favorite chair. “Uh huh. Doc said he was going to send them. I watched over them all night like I promised I would. Luke was worried someone would hurt them while they were sedated. Luke’s leg is bad. He might lose it; gangrene set in. Poor kids. They’ve been through a lot. Luke has a lot of anger, and Wade can’t speak. He’s too afraid. And Mike…” Jarrel glanced up at the two detectives. “You’re not going to lock him up for killing his uncle, are you?”

Both Maggie and Delaney stared in shocked surprise. “Mike killed his uncle?” Jarrel mirrored their surprise. “Well, yes. He stabbed him to death when Lloyd tried to cut Luke’s leg off with a saw. Luke tried to kill him in his sleep so they could get away, but Lloyd woke up and caught him and broke the wrist that was holding the knife, and then was going to cut him to pieces like he did to those other poor people he killed. So, Mike stabbed him and kept stabbing until he didn’t move, and then they ran off and found their way back to town. You know they were out in the woods for three days? It’s a miracle they survived considering their physical conditions. Anyway, Mike’s going to need a lot of therapy. All of them are, but especially Mike. That won’t be an easy thing for a boy that age to live with, taking someone’s life like that. That’s why they need me to help them through this. I’m a child psychiatrist. So naturally, I can help. Of course, when they get out of the hospital. Their physical wounds need to be tended to first. I don’t have a license anymore…”

Jarrel frowned. “They say I’m insane, but I still know my craft. I can really help them out. I know what it’s like… My daddy used to hurt me and Jonny.” Jarrel giggled and covered his mouth. “Jonathan doesn’t like me calling him that, but I do anyway. I mean our daddy wasn’t a serial killer or anything, but he did a lot of mean things to us growing up. So, I can help those boys deal with the trauma of what they’ve been through. I wish they hadn’t taken away my license.” Jarrel frowned again. “I used to help a lot of children, but now I can’t, but I can help Mike, Luke, and Wade because they live here in town. So, when they get back, I’ll be there for them.”


Maggie and Delaney gave each other a look as it was apparent to both of them that Jarrel was indeed a bit off his rocker. “Would you excuse us a moment, Jarrel?” Maggie pulled Delaney aside and whispered, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to question him about his brother abusing him yesterday. He seems to be totally unaware of it now, and I’m not sure it would be beneficial to bring it up. Aberly said he has no visible injuries and he’s not limping or acting like he’s in pain now. So maybe it’s best to just leave things as they are. We can check in with his psychiatrist and verify his brother’s claims. Aberly says he has his name and number.”

Delaney nodded in agreement. At the moment it seemed that Jarrel was happy and content, and Aberly hadn’t been exaggerating on the comforts in Jarrel’s mad room. Neither was entirely comfortable with the idea of the man being locked up, but if he were insane they could see there might be times that he needed to be for his own protection. After all, if he had been committed, he’d be locked up permanently. So as long as there were people keeping a regular eye on him and the place had a safe fire prevention system, then they really didn’t see any difference.

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