Stream of Consciousness

Craven startled when he saw the SVU detectives standing in the doorway when he pulled it open ready to rip whoever was bothering him a new one. Of course, his nudity caught both Delaney and Maggie by surprise and both turned their heads away, making him snort in disdain. “What do you expect when you wake someone up banging on their door in the middle of the night? It’s unlocked you know. You could have just come in.”

Craven’s eyes went to Aberly in the background. “What’s up, Old Man? They come to lock me up again?” Aberly shook his head. “No, they came to check up on you. The Sheriff confessed the entire truth to the FBI, including having beaten you.”

Craven snorted again. “Now I know I must be dreaming.”

Craven then glared at the SVU officers. “I don’t need anyone checking up on me. I’m fine. You bastards threw my ass in jail for telling the truth or threatened to. The Sheriff actually did to teach me a lesson. Well, lesson learned. Don’t trust a cop. Now get out. You’re not welcome here.”

Aberly cut in, speaking in a gentle tone. “Craven, they came out of concern for you. They work for special victims.” Craven held Aberly’s eyes. “I don’t give a damn what department they work for. They’re cops and cops all stick together. If they’re here, it’s for their own agenda, not on account of any real concern for me. They just want information and I already found out where telling the truth gets me. So, screw them. You’re always welcome here, Old Man but I don’t want any cops around me.” Craven slammed the door shut in Delaney and Maggie’s faces and limped back to his bed.

Maggie, however, pushed her way past her partner and opened the door entering the house. “It’s our job to determine your condition, to ensure that you aren’t injured to where you need medical care. Now let us do our job then we’ll leave you alone if we determine you don’t need medical attention.”

Craven gave Maggie the finger. “Examine this. Touch me and you’ll be having a fight on your hands. I said I’m okay. You see me standing and walking. Don’t you? Now I’m heading back to bed. I’m tired and I’m hurting and I’m sick of cops in my face. So, in case you didn’t understand before… Get the Hell out!” Craven suddenly shouted on top of his lungs. “Goddamn, mother fuckers,” he mumbled as he continued toward his bedroom.

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