Stream of Consciousness

Aberly led the way down a side street and then after several homes suddenly cut down a small dirt road which was barely visible in the dark as he had claimed, as the side streets didn’t have any street lights. Even in the dark, however, both Maggie and Delaney noticed that the road wasn’t much more than a worn-down path. It was large enough for a pickup truck to go down, but the road was mostly overgrown with grass and brush growing out from the sides. “I’m glad we didn’t bring the car. These branches would have scratched the hell out of it,” Delaney said.

Aberly nodded. “There is that too.”

“This is it.” Aberly gestured to a small clap house just at the entryway of a junkyard. Maggie raised an eyebrow. “He lives in a junkyard? The place isn’t even lit.” Aberly nodded. “No electricity or running water, but he’s got a small generator and gas lanterns I gave him, and a pump run well outside. It’s not much, but it’s a dry roof over his head. He gets by alright. He works in the City at a tattoo shop, and hunts to help reduce meat costs.”

Maggie and Delaney both frowned. “Not exactly suitable living conditions in my opinion,” Delaney said.

Aberly shrugged. “Not everyone is of the same opinion, Detective. As I said, he has a dry roof over his head. Heat in the winter when it’s cold. Water and outhouse. It’s not illegal, and I’m sure it a far sight better than where he was living considering how his father was apparently treating him. He’s emancipated with the stipulation he remain here in town where relatives can keep an eye on him until he turns eighteen, which is in a couple of months.”

Delaney knocked on the door.

Craven cracked open his eyes from the tiny bedroom, the house consisting of one main room and a small bedroom and closet. When another harder knock came Craven swore, “Goddammit! I’m coming.”

Craven winced and swore some more as he got up, not bothering to get dressed as he had been sleeping in the nude. Let whoever was banging at his door get an eye-full. That’s what they get for waking him up and making him come to the door.

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