Stream of Consciousness

Aberly returned to the station, and finding Buford still in the cell with Craven, announced, “You can both go home and there should be no repercussions on you. If there are, you come to me, because I told Lance that I would spill the beans on this town’s little secret if he hurts either of you.”

“What about my father?” Craven asked with more than a bit of wariness.

“I can speak to him too.” Craven shook his head. “Don’t bother. I’ll just head straight to the junkyard. I was just wondering if he was included in the deal.”

Aberly nodded. “He is. I told Lance if I saw any abuse that I’d let the cat out of the bag. Reminded him of his duty to serve and protect. I’m going to be on watch tonight. So, if he does cause any trouble, give me a call here at the station and I’ll handle it.”

Craven grumbled, “I could handle myself, except I’d likely end up back here if I do.”

Aberly nodded in agreement. “If your father comes after you, let me, Bufe or the Sheriff handle it in an official capacity. If the Sheriff won’t do his job, then let me know.”

Craven nodded and murmured as he left the cell, “Thanks, Old Man; for everything.” Buford nodded in agreement. “Yeah thanks, Abe. Let me give you a quick primer on operating the radio in case you need to get a hold of my dad at home. We got a receiver there.”

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