Stream of Consciousness

Craven turned his head away not answering, pissed off as all get out at the mistreatment he was receiving, but as if that wasn’t enough, about two hours later after the feds and SVU had left the town, satisfied with their questioning and investigation in regards to Land’s End, the Pastor came to visit his son; furious upon hearing that he had almost blown their cover story.

Craven glanced up as the Sheriff let his father into the cell closing the door behind him before standing aside waiting. Craven then looked up at his father who came to stand over him. “What?”

Craven was answered with a backhand which knocked him right off the bench he was sitting on. “What the hell?!?” Craven exclaimed as he hit the floor, glaring up at his father. The Pastor pointed down at him. “You nearly ruined this town because of your all-night carousing in the city! If you would have been home at a decent hour, none of this would have happened!”

“Screw you! You’re not my tyrant anymore, Pastor.” Craven spoke the title with the utmost contempt. “I’m emancipated. You disowned me. Remember? That means you got no right to dictate to me what to do or what not to do, or how to live my life. You hypocrite! Liar! You tell lies to the cops about what you and the others did or didn’t do in the past, and you make me look like I’m morally in the wrong? Do not bear false witness! What happened to that little commandment, Pastor? Huh? Now you come in here and start smacking me around because I wasn’t home on time last night to be let in on your little lie and actually told the truth!?!” Craven asked incredulously. “Now which of us is going to burn in Hell?”

The Pastor’s response was to pull a coiled piece of rubber tubing from his pocket, something Craven was very familiar with, and he set into beating Craven with it, while the Sheriff stood idly by watching. Craven winced and grit his teeth in pain, trying to keep from crying out or shedding any tears. He didn’t want to give his father the satisfaction. His rage helped immensely on that account, and he finally got to a point to where he had enough and kicked his father in the knee, causing him to cry out in pain and fall back.

The Sheriff was immediately in the cell and laying his own blows on Craven with his baton to subdue him, and when Craven finally lay still he cuffed his hands to the leg of the bench, and put tie wraps on his ankles to keep him from kicking and walked back out. “Sorry about that, Sam. Didn’t know he was going to fight back.” The Pastor nodded and limping back over to Craven continued his beating with the rubber hose until he left the boy in tears and sobbing.

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