Stream of Consciousness

Craven struggled as the Sheriff cuffed him and escorted him to the station, telling him that he was being charged with obstruction of justice. “What the hell? I told the fucking truth and I’m going to go to jail for it, while the rest of you fucking liars go scot-free?”

The Sheriff didn’t answer until he had him alone in the jail cell. “Shut the fuck up, and listen up!” Craven scowled at the Sheriff but turned quiet as demanded if only to hear what he had to say that would excuse what he was doing to him. “You’re not being charged, but you are going to sit here in the jail cell for the rest of the day. I had to tell the agents something because they were going to charge you. I told them that I was just going to lock you up for the day and let you believe you were being charged to teach you a lesson. I told them that you lied on your statement in order to get back at your father and the other figures of authority in this town, citing a history of rebellious behavior.”

Craven continued to glare at the Sheriff. “So, I’m to be punished for telling the truth? What fucking story did you tell the feds anyway? It would have been nice to have known in advance.”

The Sheriff shook his head. “There wasn’t time. You didn’t come home last night. If you had, we would have brought you up to date. Try living a decent, respectable life…” Craven gave the Sheriff the finger from the jail cell. “Fuck you, Lance. You got no right to dictate how I should or shouldn’t live my life. I didn’t break any laws and you’re treating me like a fucking criminal. I didn’t do nothing wrong and you know it.” The Sheriff nodded. “Yeah, well a lot of people have a lot to lose on this matter should the full truth come out. We gave the important information, only modifying a few details.” The Sheriff then brought Craven up to date on the story.

Craven laughed and sat down in the jail cell. “Fucking assholes. You all deserve to lose your jobs and rot away in a jail cell. You’re the real criminals. You did nothing when Mike, Luke, and Wade went missing and they nearly died on account of your negligence. Not that it’s any surprise. You did nothing when Floyd used to knock them around any more than you did when my father used to beat my ass on a regular basis, and I’m sure you won’t in the future when Floyd starts in on those poor kids again, unless they get lucky and placed somewhere else despite your lies that Floyd is a changed man. You make me sick. You stand there all self-righteous and condemn my lifestyle and morals and ethics when your hands are dirtier and your soul is darker than mine. Go fuck yourself. You and the rest of this town.”

The Sheriff scowled right back at Craven. “Think what you want of us. Just stick to the story or you will find yourself brought up on obstruction charges and serving time in prison. Don’t test me, boy.”

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