Stream of Consciousness

The Judge pulled the Sheriff aside as they saw the agents taking Craven in for questioning whispering in an urgent tone. “Did anyone fill Craven in on the story?” The Sheriff’s eyes went wide. “Shit! No. He didn’t come home last night. He just showed up about twenty minutes ago. Goddammit! He’s going, to tell the truth, and it’s going to open a can of worms.” The Judge scowled. “More like Pandora’s Box. Don’t worry. We’ll say he’s trying to get back at his father and the rest of the authority figures in town because he’s rebellious. It’s one person’s word against many.”

Sure enough, the Sheriff was called in after Craven was questioned and they presented the variance in stories being told. The Sheriff let loose a long sigh and shook his head. “I’m not surprised honestly. Craven’s always been rebellious. He and his father, the preacher here in town, Sam Wuthers are estranged. Pastor Wuthers disowned him for his interest and involvement in the occult–satanism specifically–and Craven is legally emancipated, though he’s only seventeen. So, it’s not surprising that he’s trying to cause trouble with a fabricated story of what happened five years ago. It would be a way for him to get back at all the authority figures in town who have attempted to keep him on the right track growing up. He’s a very angry young man.”

Wesson and Smith both nodded their understanding, believing the story as they had noted Craven’s temperament during his questioning, and that story made more sense than an entire town of people lying as opposed to one person lying. “Okay, well he may be brought up on charges of obstruction of justice…”

The Sheriff frowned. “Please, we’d like to handle this on our own. I know the boy’s a hard case, but he is one of our own. Will you let us handle it and forgo any formal charges? No real harm was done. His lying was brought to light right off the bat. Let me have a word with him and explain that this is not the time to get even with his father.”

Both agents looked at one another, and then Smith nodded and answered. “Alright. We’ll give the kid a break, but lying on an official FBI investigation is a serious matter. Be sure to get that across to the boy, Sheriff.” Lance nodded. “I will. I’m sorry for any inconvenience he’s caused in your investigation. I’ll straighten him out. Let him sit for the rest of the day in a jail cell to consider what he’s done. He doesn’t need to know that you aren’t pressing formal charges right off.” The agents seemed satisfied with the compromise of scaring the kid straight and so left feeling satisfied in regards to that loose end, leaving Craven in the Sheriff’s hands.

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