Stream of Consciousness

The boys suddenly all turned silent when they could hear the sounds of sirens in the far distance…

Once the call got put in concerning the boys, Land’s End became a circus of activity with SVU and FBI agents from the nearby City.

Naturally, the firefighters had finished putting out the fire and had discovered the grisly remains in the cellar, both Lloyd’s and the skulls. They had also found the large safe of video recordings which had survived the fire damage as it had been designed to withstand a fire. So, the FBI was fully aware of Lloyd’s little pastime. So, to discover that there were survivors–three young boys, his nephews–they had been quick to come to Land’s End to question the inhabitants for further details.

Of course, they wanted to question the children in particular, but the SVU psychiatrist and the doctor and paramedics all advised against it for the time being. At the moment their health was the number one priority.

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