Stream of Consciousness

While Aberly and Doc were talking, Mike spoke in a low tone to his brothers, all of them lightly sedated again but still conscious. “If for some reason we do get separated, we’ll make a pact to find our way back here, no matter what. Okay? Wade, you understand? You find your way back to Land’s End. I’m going to ask Doc for his phone number and we’ll memorize it. That way if we end up far from here, we can call and ask for help. Alright?”

Both Luke and Wade nodded their agreement, though even as they did Mike realized that Wade wouldn’t likely be able to use that method as he didn’t speak. But still, it wouldn’t hurt to have and know the number, just in case.” Mike was silent for a moment before adding, “Luke, let me do the talking about the story when we’re questioned. You would have been too young to really know what was happening five years ago, other than answering questions of what happened while we were at Lloyd’s. That you can be truthful about.”

Luke interjected, “What about you stabbing him?”

Mike frowned. “Well for starters we’ll try to avoid admitting to that. Alright? But if it comes down to where I have to admit it, I will, but like the Sheriff and Doc said, I won’t likely be charged for it. It was self-defense after all. But let’s not go out of our way of sharing that if we can help it. I’m just fixing on telling them that I knocked Lloyd out when he started to cut you with the saw and that we escaped and pushed the dresser over the top of the trap door and ran for it. We can say that you tried to run away and that’s why he was going to cut you up like he threatened he’d do after he broke my ankles, and that’s the truth basically, or at least the underlying reason for you trying to kill him; so we could get away. We’ll just leave out the attempted killing and actual killing part. Let them think he died in the fire somehow.”

Luke nodded his understanding. Wade didn’t bother as he didn’t know if he could speak if he had wanted to. It had been so long since he had.

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