Stream of Consciousness

Aberly returned to the doctor and quietly informed him of the condition he found Jarrel in. “I felt his back and it was cool to the touch and not a mark on him. I think even with the time it took me to walk to his place that he’d still be pink and warm if Montavier had truly whipped him as he claims. Poor man…” Aberly shook his head sadly. “He needs therapy. I wonder why his brother doesn’t provide it for him. Maybe he can be helped and in time regain his sanity.”

Doc shook his head, countering. “He’s tried therapy from what I understand, but Jarrel can be stubborn. You know that. I guess we’ll just need to keep a closer eye on him. I thought he was doing okay alone out there.” Aberly shrugged. “I think in most part he is fine. I think it’s just when his brother gets angry at him that we need to worry and will need to check on him; now that we know. Anyway, he’s in bed sleeping. I told him that I or someone else would come by later in the evening and check on him. What about the boys? Did you make the call?”

Doc nodded. “Yes, they’re on their way. Got maybe twenty minutes before they’re here. They’re all scared out of their wits that they’re going to be separated but I think as long as we stick to the story they’ll be returned. Peter got Floyd shaven and cleaned up and some of the women went over to give his place a good cleaning before the authorities arrive, and he’s coached him and everyone else to say that he had a problem in the past due to grief over the loss of his wife and was heavy-handed and impatient with his boys, but that he’s had time to come to terms with her loss since then and is ready to be a fit parent.”

Aberly scowled. “Now that’s a bald outright lie, but at least the boys will be together and with kin here in Land’s End. So, I’ll bite my tongue if they ask for confirmation of that.” The Doc frowned. “Well maybe he’ll do better after having missed them for so long.” Aberly snorted. “He missed having someone to order and knock around and be his errand boys, Doc. If he truly cared about those boys he would have straightened up his act and done everything in his power to find them and bring them back home. The rest of us may have accepted that they were gone for good, but a true father never would have given up hope or effort in finding his children. I had a son who died in youth, but I know I would have searched the ends of the earth for him had he ever gone missing. That man doesn’t care about anything but where his next drink is coming from.”

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