Stream of Consciousness

While Doc notified the authorities and heated up some chicken broth for the boys, knowing that it would take an hour for anyone to arrive, Aberly walked the half mile to the Montavier plantation and when he arrived he let himself in, knowing that Jarrel didn’t bother locking his doors. None of them did. The only exception was when Jarrel was locked in his mad room in the basement. That had a padlock on it with a key hanging next to it on the wall so that any of them could let Jarrel out. There was also a spare key at the town hall should the other get lost or misplaced. There had been a few occasions where Jarrel had hidden the key, as he didn’t like being locked up. Not that Aberly could blame him, but he also couldn’t deny that there simply were times where he needed to be put in a safe place for a period of time.

Of course, after hearing what Montavier had shared with Doc, Aberly was concerned. He also had a small nagging doubt of whether Montavier was telling the truth or not. It would be very easy to use Jarrel’s insanity as an excuse to hide the abuse, and if he used methods which left no evidence behind… How would they ever know? That was one reason Aberly decided to come right away to check on Jarrel. if… for some reason, Montavier had abused his brother, there might still be some slight evidence that Aberly could pick up on if addressed quickly enough, and he intended to do just that. Just to be sure; to get rid of that nagging doubt.

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