Stream of Consciousness

Aberly stepped around the corner after Montavier drove away, the Doc taking a moment to clear his thoughts before going back inside. “Oh, hi, Abe. I didn’t see you there… Uh, did you hear that conversation?” He asked, unsure if Montavier would have liked that information about his brother spread around, even in a small town like Land’s End where they typically kept such things to themselves. Of course, Aberly wasn’t exactly the type to gossip, so he relaxed a moment later.

Aberly nodded. “Not intentionally, but I didn’t want to interrupt your discussion. I came to check to see how the boys are doing. How they’re taking the news of being moved to the City Hospital.” Doc frowned. “Not well. They’re afraid of being separated and I can’t say that I blame them and Luke is afraid of losing his leg. He didn’t say as much, but I could see it in his eyes. Poor kid. I wish I could give him some assurances, but to be totally honest, I’ll be surprised if he keeps it.”

Aberly frowned and sadly shook his head. “We did those boys wrong, and it sickens me. And it sickens me to be complicit to this alteration of the truth. I realize that much of the story will still be the truth, and as far as the authorities being able to investigate into Lloyd’s activities, that will be able to be undertaken, but…” Aberly sighed. “I suppose it really doesn’t matter. Even if we deserve to pay the consequences and did, it wouldn’t change anything for the boys, and it would mean that they most likely would be placed in foster care and I highly doubt together. Not when they’ve been through such trauma. They might even end up institutionalized until they can be fully assessed. Though I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. I realize that Jarrel has a degree in psychiatry, but I lack faith in his ability to put that to good practice with his current state of mind, and that being said and after hearing what Montavier had to say, I think I’ll go check on him. That will free you to tend to the boys and focus on that. You don’t need your attention split right now. The boys need some reassurances. If nothing else, maybe lightly sedate them for the trip. They might panic when they get transported in separate vehicles.”

Doc nodded in acquiescence. “I’m going to call the authorities right after checking with Lance.”

Aberly said in response, “Everyone’s agreed to stick to the new story, including Floyd, though he’s absolutely livid that no one told him his boys were back. Though I’m not surprised. It was for the boys’ good, not his. And when is he not ranting about something or another? It’s best those boys have a chance to heal before they have to deal with their father again. Anyway, I’ll take a walk down to Jarrel’s place and make sure he’s okay.” Aberly gave the Doc a friendly pat on the shoulder before heading down the road on foot.

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