Stream of Consciousness

Hank left the town hall at that point, ignoring the supplications of the other town members for him to reconsider and stay. Caroline leaped up after him, shocked that he was going to carry through on his threat, as she hadn’t thought he really would leave. “Hank!” Hank stopped and turned to his wife once they were outside. “Hank, this is my home. My family is all here. You’re asking me to choose between you and them. That’s not fair…” Hank blinked a few times. “Caroline your so-called family locked me up at gunpoint. Now I already told you last night that I’m leaving. I love you, but I’m not going to force you to come, and I’m sorry that I’m forcing you to choose, but choose you’re going to have to do. I am cutting off all ties with this town when I leave here this morning, but you can still come with me and return to visit if you want. It will simply be without me at your side. So, it’s not like you have to cut off all ties with your family. It could just be a change of residence for you.”

Caroline pulled at her husband’s arm when he turned to walk away intending on going back to his home to pack. “Hank! Can’t we discuss this? It’s too quick. I don’t know what to do. It’s not fair that you ask me to make this sort of life-altering decision in such a short period of time without any thought or discussion.” Hank gently pried his wife’s fingers from his arm. “Caroline, you’re old enough now to know that life isn’t fair. It is what it is, and I am going back to the house now to pack my bags and then I am going to get into my car and drive to the City and start looking for an apartment and new job. Take all the time you need to decide. You can join me later if you want. I will keep in contact with you, just not the rest of the town, but please don’t share my number and address with anyone else. If you choose to come with me, you’re going to have to visit your family members here. I won’t have them in my new home with very few exceptions like my brother and Aberly, and Buford. They all stuck by me in the end. Jarrel too. The others, however, I want no more to do with.”

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