Stream of Consciousness

Montavier spoke once the Judge explained the situation to the rest of the town folk so that they all had the story straight. “Jarrel is locked in his mad room, for the time being, sleeping at the moment. I think it best to leave him there until after the authorities finish their questionings of the Sheriff and any minor investigation that might ensue over all of this. You know that he won’t tell a lie and he’ll blurt out everything. So, for your own sake, keep him locked up until this blows over, but make sure he’s checked on periodically. As for me. I wasn’t here, and I knew nothing about any boys gone missing until my brother Jarrel told me about their return and their condition. So, I won’t be countering your story, nor collaborating it because I know nothing about any of that. I am staying well out of this, but I will pay for whatever medical care the boys need. I will get the best specialist I can in order to attempt to save Luke’s leg. We’re kin after all…” Montavier hated to say that, as his opinion of most, if not all of the town folk, was low, but he was related through marriage and he knew he’d never hear the end of it from Adeline if he didn’t at least offer to take care of the medical expenses.

Montavier left at that point, not wanting to be seen in town should the authorities come by early. He had had his say and had let the town folk know where Jarrel was.

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