Stream of Consciousness

Jarrel was surprised to see his brother’s luxury sedan in the driveway with his brother standing there with his arms crossed looking quite irate. Jarrel smiled, however, as he always did as he hopped off his little teal scooter. “Hi, Jonny!”

“Jonathan.” Montavier corrected his brother as he always did. Jarrel ignored him as usual. “I didn’t know you were coming by…” Jarrel’s words were suddenly cut short as his older brother grabbed his ear and twisted it hard, making him wince. “OW! That hurts, Jonny!”

“Where were you? You are supposed to call me every evening before bed so that I know that you’re safe. I tried to call you. I sent texts…” Jarrel bit his lip, but mostly from the pain in his ear. “I’m sorry Jon… athan.” Jarrel corrected himself hoping his brother would let go of his ear. “I got called into town. I’ll explain if you’ll let go of my ear. That hurts.”

Jonathan let go but said with an irritated grumble. “That was the intent. I was worried sick about you. I tried to call the Sheriff, but there was no answer. I would have driven down here last night except I was caught up in a late-night meeting. I just pulled through town a moment ago, but it’s too early for anyone to be up to question, so I came straight here to find the house dark, your scooter gone… I was about to call the City police and file a missing person’s report.” Montavier boxed Jarrel’s sore ear for good measure, making him wince and whimper.

Jarrel bit his lip again as he rubbed his sore ear. “Sorry. I got tied up with something important. I forgot to call. Let’s go inside and I’ll explain. I’ve been up all night and I’m exhausted…” Jarrel led his brother into the house, though his brother had a key of his own. The home was an old plantation home which had been in the family for centuries and had been renovated and remodeled at his brother’s expense. So, it was quite luxurious and more than Jarrel really needed in regards to space, but sometimes his brother and sister-in-law, Adeline came to visit and often entertained there, which is one reason Montavier had the mad room; to keep Jarrel out from underfoot and the world from knowing that Jonathan Montavier’s younger brother was insane.

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