Stream of Consciousness

The Judge turned to his brother once they were back in town. “Floyd’s likely passed out drunk at this point. We’ll bring him up to speed in the morning. It’s getting late. I doubt they’re going to send any authorities here to question you tonight. Most likely in the morning. So, we need to speak to Floyd and the boys early before they get here. I’d rather us report the boys return and condition before the authorities come in regards to your reporting the fire. It will look better if we are doing it of our own volition and not after the fact.”

Lance nodded. “I’ll go speak to the Doc and see if he can’t get the boys awake by six am.” Peter nodded. “Alright. Goodnight then. I’m going to retire. I’m glad we found an amicable solution, though I’m sure Aberly, Doc and Hank are going to be pissed for a period of time.” Lance shrugged. “They’ll get over it. No real harm was done other than threats. No one was injured over it at least, but yeah, I guess there’s going to be some strain for a time. We’re family though. So, in time it will blow over, Peter. We did what we felt we had to do. We protect our own.” Peter nodded and turned away without countering or adding any more to what his brother had said. He was just tired and wanted to end the eventful day.

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