Stream of Consciousness

Caroline tried to calm her husband down when he got home, though she was extremely relieved that a compromise had been found once he had filled her in on what had occurred. “I can’t believe you sat here at home and allowed them to lock me away and didn’t call for help, Caroline? I get that these people are your kin, but I’m your husband!”

Caroline sighed. “I’m sorry Hank. I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid to go against Lance and Peter. They can be quite forceful when they want to be, as you found out. Plus, I didn’t know what they’d do to me if they found out, or you.”

Hank pursed his lips. “They wouldn’t have been able to do anything had you called the City authorities and reported this, but I was forced to accept the compromise. I don’t like it though, and I’m not staying here. Once I’m sure those boys are safely at a City hospital tomorrow, I’m giving my resignation Deputy here and we’re moving out of this town to the City. I’ll get a job there. I won’t live with these kinds of lies. I get that all families have some skeletons in the closet, but this is too much and I won’t live in a town where I am locked up at gunpoint and threat of injury because I want to be a man of integrity and do the right thing.”

Caroline frowned. “The City? But I don’t want to move away from my sisters and family, Hank. Just give it a few days for you to calm down. You’re angry right now.”

Hank turned to his wife, livid, at her nonchalant attitude toward what had just happened. “Damn straight I’m angry! Caroline, I was threatened with guns and locked up, potentially forever. Does that not register with you? Is that okay with you that your husband might very well have been kept prisoner here for the rest of his life? What were you going to do, just sit around and continue on with your life? And what? Visit me from time to time in Jarrel’s mad room? How can you even consider wanting to stay here after what just happened? In one breath you’re saying you were fearful for what they might do to you should you call for help, then in the next saying you don’t want to leave your kin. Caroline these people are insane! Family or not, this sort of behavior is not normal, nor acceptable in my book. Now I don’t need time to calm down, because two days from now, two months from now, two years from now… my opinion is going to be the same. So, I am going to quit my job here and go to the City, with or without you. You have until tomorrow morning after the boys get transferred to a City hospital to make up your mind. Discussion over. I’m going to bed.”

Hank stormed out of the room at the point and up to his bedroom without waiting for a response, furious with his wife and the Sheriff and the Judge.

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