Stream of Consciousness

“We’ll sedate Jarrel, then grab Floyd while we’re in town and bring both of them to the mad room. I think we can take a chance and leave the boys and equipment here for the night. When the authorities come they’re not going to be searching any homes. We’ll bring Doc back with us and one of us keep watch over him. Put him under house arrest, then figure out this mess after you’re questioned. I don’t see them coming here more than once to question you. They really have no cause as long as they don’t find anything linking the incident to us. The chances of them even identifying Lloyd are slim. I doubt his DNA is on file. I don’t know about his dental history if he ever visited a dentist or not. I know Brent never brought any of his kids into the City for that sort of thing growing up. Abigail told me that she didn’t start seeing a dentist until she turned an adult and she left home,” Peter pointed out.

Lance shook his head. “If he owned that property, they can find out who he is that way.” Peter interjected, “If he was a serial killer, he’d have used a false identity most likely, Lance. So just take some deep breaths and relax. So, when they do send someone to take your official statement you’re calm and clear-headed. We’ll worry about the others after that. Maybe we can come up with a compromise to explain the boys’ situation and get them professional care in the City. Something that will exonerate us…”

Peter was thoughtful a few moments. “Maybe we can say that Floyd gave the boys to his brother to raise and that they just came out of the woods tonight. They could have escaped the fire and returned here.” Lance’s eyes widened slightly. “That could work and everyone will be appeased and still keep our asses out of trouble. What about Floyd though. Think he’ll go along with it?” Peter nodded. “He faces child endangerment charges all around in this if the authorities find out the truth of what happened. He’ll go along. Let’s forget Jarrel for now and go talk to Hank and the others and see if they’re willing to go along with this alternative. If not, we’ll go from there, but it’s worth a shot and a lot fewer headaches all around.”


The group in Jarrel’s mad room startled when they heard the bolt being removed from the door. Aberly frowned, not having expected them to return so soon but he was also glad he hadn’t attempted his escape yet and decided it best to wait until they were all down there rather than in between the boys being brought down since he didn’t know what they were planning at this point.

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