Stream of Consciousness

Buford glanced toward Floyd’s residence which was above a small gas station. Floyd at one point in his life had been a mechanic, but now all he did was operate the register if someone came into town for gas. Where it came to the town folk, they just helped themselves and put the cash in the register themselves. So, Floyd rarely was behind the counter, which was probably a good thing as he was a diehard drunk. It was his sister Abigail who did the accounting for the gas station, otherwise his business would have gone under entirely. “Let’s keep this from Floyd for the time being. He doesn’t need to know the boys are back until at least the Sheriff and Aberly get back, maybe even until morning when the boys are awake and the Doc has a chance to assess them. So, if you could just try to act normal and keep the speculations and gossip to yourselves for the time being it would be greatly appreciated.”

Abigail rolled her eyes and groaned, not feeling the least bit of remorse or grief over the loss of her other brother. “Ugh. I can’t believe I’m related to the twins from hell. One a drunk and the other a psychopath. Great. Well, at least the world is rid of one of them.” Martha glanced over at her older sister. “Abby! He was our brother and he’s dead. Don’t you feel anything? Okay, maybe he was a psycho, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s kin.”

Abigail rolled her eyes again. “You grieve and pray for his soul then, Martha if that makes you feel better to do so, but there’s no love lost between me and Lloyd or Floyd, either one of them. Both of them have nasty temperaments like dad did, and I don’t grieve his loss either. The world will be a better place when all three are put to the ground. Two down, one to go.”

The Pastor opened his mouth about to launch into a sermon most likely, but Abigail put up a hand. “Save it Samuel. My lunch break is over. I’m going back to work and pray to God that Mike hasn’t turned into some sort of psychopathic killer himself. Who knows how badly Lloyd corrupted those boys, and even if they came out unscathed with their minds still intact, now they have a life with Floyd to look forward to. Out of one hell into another, if you ask me.” As no one else really had a counter-argument to that, the crowd began to break up with everyone returning to their respective jobs and concerns.

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