Stream of Consciousness

The Sheriff very carefully went through Lloyd’s home to ensure there was no incriminating evidence to indicate that the boys had ever been there, but apparently, they had been given no personal possessions other than the shorts they were wearing. What became of their original clothing, the Sheriff didn’t know, but they were nowhere to be found inside or outside the home in the small shed.

Once he was assured that there was nothing linking Lloyd to the boys, he wiped down anywhere he and Aberly had touched and then went back outside where Aberly was waiting with a can of gasoline. “I topped off our ATV’s. This is what’s left.”

The Sheriff said, “It’ll do. I’m going to burn Lloyd’s body and then let the rest of the house catch from there. We’ll need to erase any footprints and evidence of our ATV’s having been on the property. It’ll be slow going getting off the property but there’s plenty of tree cover where we won’t be seen from above by anyone, even if someone sees the fire, but I recommend we work quickly in skedaddling out of here. I’ll set the fire. You go on back with the ATV’s and dogs. I’ll meet you there after I erase our footprints and we’ll work back from there.”

Aberly nodded. “It’ll be full on dark by the time we get back.” The Sheriff shrugged. “Can’t be helped. Don’t want to leave any evidence of our presence here which might raise any questions.” Aberly handed the Sheriff the gas can. “Be careful with that. Don’t want to be caught inside when it goes up. Remember the fumes are flammable.”

The Sheriff smiled at Aberly’s warnings and advice. “I know, Abe. Don’t worry. I’ll be careful.” Aberly nodded and headed back toward where they had left the ATV’s and dogs, carrying a jug of water with him for the dogs who would be needing a good drink before heading back. They had gotten some rest with the time he and the Sheriff had been checking out the cabin, but they’d need some water.

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