Stream of Consciousness

Doc shook his head after a thorough physical examination of Mike. “As I feared, it looks like the boys have been sexually molested as well. Bad enough the physical and mental and emotional abuse they apparently have been through, but to be sexually abused on top of that…”

Jarrel frowned. “They’re going to need a lot of trauma therapy after what they’ve experienced, especially with Mike taking his uncle’s life. I can’t imagine what those kids have been through. The horror of it all.”

Jarrel quickly moved forward as the doctor gestured for him to help him lift Mike to get him to the bathroom for a thorough cleanup.

“Thirteen years old and he doesn’t hardly weigh a thing.” Doc commented making a tsk’ing sound again. “It’s a miracle these boys survived the ordeal. None of them are much bigger than when they left five years ago.”

Jarrel nodded in agreement. “At least they’re back home. They’ve been through a lot, but they’re safe now and they can start healing. It’ll take some time I’m sure for them to truly feel safe, but once they do they’ll be able to put this in their past as a distant memory. Kids are resilient. Especially the younger ones.”

Doc glanced at Jarrel. “I hope so, but some traumas stick, Jarrel.” The doctor was thinking of Jarrel’s situation. He had been a brilliant psychiatrist, but something had occurred to make him snap and lose his mind. No one knew exactly what that was, but people didn’t just lose their minds for no reason and the doctors had negated any physiological causes, such as diseases or seizures. Jarrel had experienced some trauma that he simply could not handle. So, the doctor wasn’t so sure that the boys would simply recover and be back to normal children after five years of starvation, abuse, and torture.

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