Stream of Consciousness

Jarrel turned serious the moment he entered the examination room, his childish demeanor disappearing as he stepped through the door.

The Doc glanced up and gave the diminutive psychiatrist a nod in greeting–Jarrel only standing around 5′ 2″ tall. Jarrel gave a nod back. “How bad is he? I saw the condition Luke and Wade were in if that’s any indication…” The Doc nodded. “They’re all in a bad way, though I think Mike is the worse. I need a witness before I examine if there’s been any sexual abuse. I’ll also need help bathing them. I’m going to put them all under full sedation. Their wounds are just too infected and serious to try to bath them awake. That would just add more cruelty to what they’ve already been through… Whatever they’ve been through.”

Jarrel came fully into the room, closing the door behind him and he spoke in a casual tone. “Oh, Luke said Floyd’s brother Lloyd kidnapped them when they went hiding in that cave that day that woman was threatening Floyd to call social services. They thought it was their father who had come for them, because he was dressed like Floyd and had a beard and limped, but when he got them to a cabin deep in the woods, he removed the fake beard and was no longer limping and revealed his true identity, but then insisted that they call him daddy and started abusing them from that moment onward. Apparently, when he tried to kill Luke by tying him down to a table he began to saw him into pieces starting with his leg as he had threatened, Mike took a knife and stabbed Lloyd multiple times from behind. From what Luke said, it’s unlikely that he survived. They ran away after that, fearful he might still be alive and come after them. So, his death is unconfirmed, but Luke said Mike stabbed him over and over until he wasn’t moving.”

The Doc’s eyes went wide as saucers. “They told you all of that?” Jarrel nodded. “Yeah, when Buford went to the bathroom. Kids open up to me. You know that.” The doctor nodded, but still, he had been surprised that they had opened up so quickly and with so much information. “Do the Sheriff or Buford know? The Sheriff is going to use some dogs to backtrack the boy’s scent to wherever they came from.” Jarrel shook his head. “No, I didn’t tell him. The information was given in confidence Doc. You know that. I only shared it with you, because you’re a fellow doctor.” Of course, Jarrel’s insanity was affecting his thinking on the matter, not seeing that this situation was a bit too serious to hold such information in confidence.

The doctor spoke in a chastising tone. “Jarrel this is not a situation where patient-doctor confidentiality applies. The Sheriff and Mr. Aberly could be walking into danger if Lloyd is still alive. Hold on a moment, I’m going to call him on his cell before he’s out of range and let him know.” Jarrel widened his eyes slightly. “Oh my, well yes. I suppose there is the risk of that. Alright, I guess we can’t keep it confidential after all. I hope the boys will understand. I didn’t promise them I wouldn’t tell anyone, but it was somewhat implied and assumed, I am sure. We shared lollipops…”

The doctor shook his head at that point and ignored Jarrel’s insane prattling and quickly called the Sheriff and briefed him on what Jarrel had just told him.

“Holy shit! Okay, thanks for the heads-up Doc. We’ll be careful.”

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