Stream of Consciousness

No one was quite sure what happened to the man. He had been brilliant and a highly qualified child psychiatrist one day, and then next he simply lost his mind; literally. Though his madness didn’t make him an overt danger to others or even himself, he had lost enough of his sanity to where he had been clinically diagnosed as insane, and thus had lost his right to practice psychiatry. Most of Jarrel’s lapses in sanity simply had to do with temporary sojourns into childish or non-conventional behaviors, such as having a sudden impulse to dance in public to music that was to his liking and lacking any sort of inhibition would act on such impulses, or sometimes to simply music in his own head that only he could hear. Things of that nature. In other words, Jarrel was just insane enough for his high-profile multi-billionaire brother Jonathan Montavier to have acted to hide Jarrel away in the tiny town of Land’s End. Montavier, of course, took well care of his brother and ensured that he had all his physical comforts and needs provided for, but out of public view and as Montavier was married to Adeline Carmichael, Jarrel was even if a bit indirectly, considered “family” to the other town members.


Buford nodded in response to Jarrel’s question, though he watched Jarrel cautiously around the kids as he said, “Yes, it was quite the surprise to see them come out of the woods into town like that without any warning, and yes, it is good to have them back home again. We were very worried.”

Jarrel continued to grin despite the seriousness of the topic under discussion. Luke and Wade both looked over at Jarrel, not sure what to think of his demeanor as he didn’t act like the other adults, acting all serious and giving out orders all the time. He was even very short, though he was taller than Mike, due to Mike’s own malnourished size. He also spoke to the boys like another kid would talk to them. There was just something different about his behavior from what an adult normally gave off.

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