Stream of Consciousness

Doc turned to the boys after leading them into an examination room. “Okay, I know you’re all scared. I can see that, but if I’m going to have a look at you, boys, I need you to let go of one another, and Mike… I need you to please put that knife down now.” At that point, the Doc could tell that there was dried blood on the knife, and as he didn’t know if it was animal or human, it made him extremely nervous, not knowing what the boys had been through over the past five years, or what they were capable of. As before Mike hesitated, but he finally nodded and set the knife on a counter and backed away from it. He then looked down at Luke and Wade. “It’s okay. I won’t let no one hurt you, but you each need to sit up on the table and let the doc have a look at you and fix anything that needs fixing. I’ll go first, so you see it’s safe. Okay?”

Luke glared at the doctor–not remembering him–but he finally let go of the death grip on his brother’s arm, him having been holding so tightly that bruises had been left in his wake. Mike hadn’t complained though, knowing his brother was scared. They were all scared, so he had endured the tight grip. Wade whimpered however when Mike went to move away from him, but Luke was quick to intercede and he pulled his little brother close to himself instead and murmured, “Mike won’t let him hurt us. No one’s going to hurt us no more. Mike will kill them if they try.” Wade nodded his understanding and watched as Mike climbed up onto the examination table. “I need to do a full examination, Mike. So, I’m going to have you take off your shorts too. Alright? I’m going to ask the sheriff to stand in the doorway to make sure that I don’t do anything inappropriate to any of you. I won’t, but I need a witness to ensure that. Do you understand?”

Mike nodded his understanding. He already knew that the sheriff and deputy had most likely followed them inside and that they were trapped at this point. His eyes did glance over to the knife however for a moment, his mind gauging his success in grabbing it should he need to. Doc glanced over at the knife as well. “You won’t be needing that Michael. I promise. I only want to help. Just try to relax. Alright?” Mike nodded again and watched as the doctor briefly left the room to speak to the sheriff who was standing in the waiting room with his son, Buford.

The sheriff glanced over at the doctor came into the waiting room. “Okay, I got Mike to put the knife down and I’m going to examine them, but I need a witness to ensure I haven’t done anything inappropriate. Caroline used to fill in that position when I needed her to in the past, but as you know my practice isn’t exactly booming with just the small group of us here in town, and we’re all adults with the boys having been gone. So, it hasn’t been necessary.”

The doctor looked over at Buford. “Bufe, go into my house and make them boys some sandwiches and something to drink. There’s some fruit as well. I suspect they haven’t eaten for some time from the looks of them and the grumbling I’ve been hearing from their bellies. And give Jarrel a call and have him come into town. He has a way with kids.”

The sheriff scowled at the mention of Jarrel Montavier, who lived a bit outside of town in an old plantation house. “The man’s insane, Doc. Clinically insane.” The doctor nodded. “I know, but he was a licensed therapist at one time and his insanity is borderline to where he’s not a danger to the boys, and he was a child psychiatrist. That or we take this outside the family and call SVU in the City because those boys have been through something terrible and they are going to need counseling.”

Lance scowled even more at the suggestion of going to the Special Victims Unit in the City, as none of the town folk liked to involve outsiders in their affairs. Everyone in town was related in some way, including crazy Jarrel. They were mostly self-sufficient, and they liked their privacy and isolation from the rest of the world. Also, the fact that they had never reported the boys officially missing outside the town members knowing wouldn’t exactly bode very well for the group. Not that they hadn’t put an honest effort into finding them locally, but they hadn’t extended the search outside of Land’s End and the surrounding woods. Not all of them had agreed with that decision, but the majority and ruling voices had.

Buford nodded his understanding and hurried into the private home part of the house and to the kitchen to make the boys some food. Here in Land’s End none of them locked their doors, and they all came and went into each other’s houses with nothing more than a courtesy knock or shout to let someone know they were coming in. Before starting the sandwiches, Buford paused to make a call on his cell to Jarrel, explaining the situation and asking him to come into town to speak to the boys. Naturally, Jarrel was more than eager. When he had been legally classified insane, he had lost his practitioners license, but he was still knowledgeable in his field and he missed it greatly. With his small stature and calm, unassuming demeanor children felt safe around him.

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