Stream of Consciousness

Mabel Brusselsprout padded into the bathroom, still half asleep, but she was suddenly wide awake when she looked in the mirror. She screamed, as what was looking back at her was no longer human.

Mabel’s daughter, Mildred woke with a start, jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. She then also screamed when she saw what was there.

Her mother jumped nearly a foot at her daughter’s scream and then screamed again herself when she turned and saw an anthropomorphic pig standing there. And when she moved back in alarm, Mildred saw her own reflection in the mirror and screamed again herself.

“I’m a pig!” She then tried to rationalize, I must be dreaming. This is just a nightmare. All I need to do is go back to bed and wake up.

Mabel’s husband, Albert awoke to a scream, grumbling as it was the weekend and he had hoped to sleep in. Apparently, his wife and daughter were starting in early. When he heard more screaming, however, he forced himself out of bed to see what was going on and then leaped back in alarm when he saw a humanoid pig and a… dragon-cat? He wasn’t sure exactly what he was looking at. It looked like a dragon but had fur and ears like a cat and it, like the pig, were walking upright, making them both look like humans in animal form, or perhaps they were animals in human form. He wasn’t quite sure which.

Mildred pointed to her father. “How come you didn’t change?”

Albert blinked. “Mildred? Is that you?” His eyes turned to the dragon-cat. “Mabel?”

Mabel started crying. “What’s going on, Albert? Are we dreaming? We have to be dreaming. This can’t be happening. Look at me!” Mabel looked down at herself to see short arms and legs with a huge yellow potbelly in between. The rest of her fur was green.”

Albert just stood staring, open-mouthed. It had to be a dream. It couldn’t be real.

Mildred said with determination, “I’m going back to bed so that I can finish this nightmare and wake up.

Her father nodded. “Sounds like a good idea.” And he too turned and headed back to his bedroom. He was wide awake now but didn’t know how to deal with what he was seeing. His mind simply couldn’t grasp that it might possibly be real. So, going back to bed sounded like the most rational thing to do.

“Don’t leave me alone like this!” Mabel shouted after her husband.

“Just come back to bed,” he called back to her. “Everything will be just fine when we wake up.”

Mabel took one last look at herself in the mirror, sobbed, and then hurried after her husband, waddling on her short legs. Maybe he was right. Maybe it was all just a bad dream.

Though it didn’t feel like a dream to her.

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