Stream of Consciousness

A Brief Aside…

I am Marah/k, one of the Thirteen. Each of the Thirteen embodies a particular energy that encompasses its polarity. My energy is that of Pain and Suffering (Marahk) but in reveling in who I am, I also embody the energy of Pleasure (Marah). Rosemary has had the most trouble accepting me, Marahk, from all the others because my energy is “dark”. But she has come to the understanding that humans are both dark and light. It is then through free will that you choose how to express your nature from moment to moment. Rosemary chooses to express her darkness through her writing and in so doing show how light often manifests from the darkness.

Birthed through Darkness, Born into Light.

So, here is a short interruption from the mischief Chaos has set into motion that explains my energy.

The FBI agent pulled the psychiatrist aside to keep their conversation private, not knowing that the young boy sitting nearby could easily hear them. Marahk was highly unusual in many ways, one of which was his keener than normal senses.

“This is the ninth child sex-trade sting that we’ve found the boy in. All of the prior times he was placed into foster care but somehow he ends up back in the hands of a pedophile,” the agent explained.

The psychiatrist furrowed his brow and asked, “Is he being specifically targeted by someone who keeps selling him to the black market?”

Marahk, overhearing, decided to cut to the chase rather than hear out all the speculations the two men were about to spew forth to one another. So, he hopped off the seat–his legs haven’t even reached the floor–and sauntered over to the two men, looking up at them, one after the other. The psychiatrist was very short for an adult male–barely five-foot tall, so he didn’t have to look up quite as far in his case. But Marahk himself was tiny. So, all adults were tall to him.

“Let me save you, gentlemen, some time. No one is targeting me. I have no parents, siblings or other relatives.” Marahk then directed his comments to the agent in particular. “This is more than the ninth time that I’ve been rescued from a pedophile. I’ve been rescued from all around the world, dozens of times. In fact, I would have lost count if I had been counting. It’s only the ninth time where the FBI was involved, as I’ve only recently come to live in the United States.

I will tell you the reason why I keep being found in child-sex trade stings because it will save a lot of time and trouble in the future. I like the sexual interaction that pedophiles offer me but because I know that most other children do not enjoy that sort of thing, I go undercover and gather the necessary information for the authorities to rescue a large number of children. I will point the authorities toward an individual child if I happen across one but I prefer to rescue multiple children.

Pedophiles typically have contact with other pedophiles and whenever I go through the sex-trade market, I am able to establish those links as well. Once I have enough information, I send in an anonymous tip to the authorities, and they then are able to rescue a large number of children who need to be rescued. It’s a win-win. I get what I desire and I’m helping children who need help. True, my owner gets what he desires for a time but ultimately he gets put away like the others, which means one less child predator out there.”

The psychiatrist looked at the boy with his mouth agape but due to what the tiny boy had just said rather than his unusual clothing which included a long-tailed coat, vest, and top hat, making him look like a mixture of a tiny Artful Dodger and Mad Hatter. “Are you serious? You purposefully put yourself in harm’s way?”

Marahk shook his head. “No. Of course not. Though I can and do feel pain, I like it. As I’m fully regenerative, technically no harm is being done to me, in regards to permanent harm, and because I enjoy the pain, there is no harm being done to me emotionally or mentally either. It’s a win-win, as I said earlier. I am explaining this because all the red tape involved when I get ‘rescued’ is unnecessary. It’s a waste of taxpayer’s money and the time of everyone involved, where I could be out there right now setting up another group of pedophiles and sex traffickers. It seems that I have to have this conversation with the authorities all around the world, so I might as well get it over with now to save you future bother.”

“Regenerative”, the psychiatrist asked, ignoring the rest of what the boy had said for the moment.

Marahk said, “Yes, and before you point out that I might get killed. I can’t be killed. I’m a Misery. And before you ask, ‘What is a misery?’, I am the Embodiment of Pain and Suffering and am able to manifest on the physical, emotional and mental planes amongst others. You could say that I feed off the energy but that would be inaccurate. I am the energy. I don’t cause pain and suffering to others nor I do get off on someone else’s pain and suffering. In fact, I have the ability to take away someone else’s pain and suffering but I only do so if they desire it. It would be rude of me to take that experience from someone who wants to experience it. There aren’t many rules that guide me but that is one that I am held bound to. You, humans, are here to experience all sorts of things, of which pain and suffering are one. Or two? Which is more accurate, to say one or two?”

The psychiatrist noticed that this tiny child was very well spoken for his age. He appeared to be around the age of six or seven if his size was any indication but after hearing him speak, he was now guessing he might be nine or ten at the most and even then he was unusually well-spoken. But he addressed the boy’s question. “Well if you are referring to pain and suffering as a single entity, which I suppose it would be in your case, then one would be accurate,” the psychiatrist answered, grasping for the first rational thing the boy had said as he tried to process the boy’s appearance and what he had just revealed.

“Ah, yes. That makes sense.” 

“That’s the only thing that makes any sense in what you just said,” the agent pointed out.

“Well, it’s natural that you wouldn’t believe me. Humans in this day and age are extremely disconnected from their spirituality and are prone to disbelieve anything that science has not yet proven. One day your race will come to understand that there really is no difference between science and so-called magic or supernatural. Nothing can transcend nature. It’s all natural and all explained by science. But humanity is far from that understanding. In fact, it’s more likely that you will destroy yourselves before you ever come close to fully understanding even your own natures, let alone that of the universe around you.

But summed down in its simplest form, you too are embodiments of energy. The only real difference between you and I is that I am aware, and as such, I am able to do things that you would consider supernatural or magical. Also, I am embodying a very specific type of energy where humans are embodying a wide gamut of energies, of which pain and suffering are one. So, in that, I am in all of you.”

“Are you sure that ‘one’ is appropriate here?” Marahk asked, momentarily distracted from his explanation. He cocked his head, thinking. “Ah, suffering is a particular reaction to pain. So, yes. Pain and Suffering together as one.”

Marahk then laughed. “Now you can see why there is no judgment on my part concerning your ignorance of such matters. I am fully aware and I still get confused trying to explain concepts within the limits of human language. So, don’t be too hard on yourselves if you don’t believe me. Everyone awakens in their own time.”

“You are saying that you aren’t human?” The agent asked.

Marahk nodded, yes but elaborated. “Though I have in the past embodied through a human form–through the birth process–I did not this time. I simply manifested myself here. Each of you has a soul, which is what houses your energy, or spirit some might say. That small part of who you are is what connects you to your larger self and when you pass on all that you have experienced in life is added to your overall spiritual knowledge. This time around I chose to bypass that process in order to help free the children who do not desire to experience pain and suffering from their tormentors. There are some souls who consciously choose this path at a higher awareness but the majority of children who are abused want to escape the experience, to move onto other experiences. The majority of these children are powerless to free themselves.”

“If you’re this all-powerful being, why don’t you just directly free the children yourself?” The agent asked, trying to trip the boy up on his story.

Marahk shook his head in denial. “I never said I am all powerful. When in my pure form as I am, my actions are restricted to the nature of my energy. I cannot perform physical harm to another. It simply is not in my nature to do so, and if I were to attempt to free the children myself it would most likely require physical force on my part as the entire point is not only to rescue the children but for their abusers to be brought to justice. It is your task as a species to care for one another, to take responsibility. I only gather the information in this situation, while at the same time enjoying the expression of my energy. I will not interfere with another’s free will regardless of what acts they are doing. That is another law which I am held bound to–a spiritual law. If humans were more aware as a whole they too would not interfere with another’s free will. But you are all still very young children when it comes to your spiritual growth and awareness.

I hold no judgment against the sex traffickers and pedophiles. That is not my place. I only work to free the children whose free will has been taken from them by those who do not understand that to take another’s free will is an act against their own nature. One day humanity will come to understand that and be able to rule themselves accordingly if they don’t destroy themselves first.

But as I said, you are all still very young. The only difference between an adult human and a child human is the experiential knowledge gained from a single lifetime. Most of you don’t have access to your full spiritual being and memories. So, I offer the anonymous tips for you, humans, to play out your interactions as you have all agreed upon through the human mass consciousness. You humans love to ask why God doesn’t do something about all the pain and suffering in the world? The answer is simple. He gave you free will to do and experience what you desire so that you may grow as spiritual beings. What would be the point in giving it, only to take it away anytime you act against your higher nature? What you each need to ask yourselves is, ‘what am I doing to stop the pain and suffering in the world?’ Obviously, you both are doing what you can but that doesn’t apply to all humans.”

“Can you prove that you aren’t human?” The psychiatrist finally asked, before adding, “And if you can’t, then let’s go from the assumption that you are a human child in need of adult supervision. To be honest, I feel that even if you are this Misery you claim to be that you need adult supervision. You’re just a child.”

Marahk laughed. “I’m wearing the body of a child. I couldn’t very well do my work in an adult form. This is undercover work.”

The agent shook his head. “Is he completely off his rocker, doc? You aren’t buying this Misery story, are you?”

“No, but he obviously does. I didn’t detect any signs of lying. I’m trained to spot micro expressions,” the psychiatrist said. He then looked down at the boy. “Well, can you prove that you are what you say you are?”

Marahk rolled his eyes but then suddenly shifted into the form of a tiny velociraptor causing the agent and the psychiatrist to fall back in alarm, landing them both on their asses. Marahk retook his child form and held his stomach he was laughing so hard. He pointed at the two of them with a finger as he continued to hold his stomach laughing.

“You should have seen your faces. I bet you nearly crapped your pants,” he said once he got his laughter under control.

The agent, regaining his senses, jumped to his feet and pulled his gun, pointing it at Marahk but the psychiatrist was quick to leap up and pull his arm away. “You aren’t going to shoot him! Are you? He didn’t hurt us, Agent Miller, and he easily could have. I’m in a state of shock myself but shooting him isn’t the answer. Besides, he said he can’t be killed.”

The agent scowled. “He could be lying about that.”

Marahk sighed. “Then shoot me and find out for yourself. I don’t know what the big deal is? You, humans, are so arrogant to think that you are the only sentient life forms on this planet. I can’t really even say intelligent because as a species you’re not very bright.”

“What other life forms are there? Other Misery like you?” The agent asked.

Marahk shook his head. “No, there is no other Misery incarnated on Earth at this time, other than myself. Though there are others who do on occasion visit Earth, they prefer other dimensions such as Hell. I’m technically only wearing the energy form of Misery within the physical form of a Human. In my true form, I simply am Pain and Suffering. The Misery as a race are my children; I suppose you could say. But the specifics of that don’t really matter. The point I am trying to make is that I don’t need adult supervision. I may look like a young child but that is merely a disguise. I’m trying to save you some time and money. Focus your attention and energy on real human children who need your help. I am not traumatized from my experience. So, there is no need to counsel me. Besides the fact that I’m only going to escape wherever you put me and begin my new journey in the child sex-trade world. There are more children out there who need to be rescued. And every minute I stand here explaining is a minute that those children are suffering.

The FBI agent and psychiatrist then watched open-mouthed as the boy walked out of the room, phasing right through the wall to the outside rather than using the door. Marahk briefly turned to smile and wave from the other side of the window, and then whistling he turned and sauntered off.

The psychiatrist and agent looked at one another, and the agent asked, “How the Hell am I suppose to write this up?”

The psychiatrist shrugged. “Either tell the truth or lie and say the boy ran off. As I choose to remain outside a mental institution, I will be opting for the latter.”

The agent turned to look out the window to watch the Misery disappear in the distance and then nodded in agreement with the psychiatrist. No one was going to believe them.

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