Stream of Consciousness

Chaos settled himself down to watch, curious now to see what his “stirring” had done.

“There was quite a bit of chaos a little bit ago,” Chaos began, “when the United States voted for an unusual President. But after a time, it got boring; the same thing every day with the President doing or saying something outrageous that the people didn’t like, with the media playing it up to get the biggest reaction from the people. It was amusing at first but now that seems to be the norm. But that’s about to change, now that I’ve really stirred things up. Let’s the show begin.” And with a wave of his hand, a large bucket of buttery popcorn appeared in his lap.

Zen, with another sigh, sat down next to her twin. Though she would never admit it out loud, she too was a little curious to see what was going to happen and she absentmindedly reached over to take some of her brother’s popcorn as she focused her gaze on Earth.

“Hey! Make your own popcorn!” Chaos protested.

Zen popped the handful into her mouth and stole another, sticking her tongue out at her brother before putting the second handful in her mouth. Then with her mouth full, she spoke, splaying popcorn bits on her brother. “Be quiet and watch the show and stop being so greedy. There’s enough for both of us. I know you made a bottomless bucket of popcorn. You always do.”

“Well, we may be sitting here for a while, if the show is good. And if it’s not, maybe I’ll give it another stir.”

Zen glared at her brother. “You better not! Leave those poor humans alone. They create enough chaos all on their own.”

Chaos just grinned as he turned to watch, popping a handful of popcorn into his own mouth.

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