Stream of Consciousness

We are Chimeron. Our number is thirteen.


We are a group soul, inhabiting a single physical embodiment. We travel together. We experience together. We grow together as spiritual energies.

Our consciousness is one but diverse. I suppose one might say we are multi-personality from the perspective of our shared physical manifestation. In fact, sometimes she thinks she might be insane and it certainly isn’t easy for her when her “mind” constantly changes from one interest to another, often right in the midst of the experience. But that simply is our nature. We all have our own likes and dislikes–our own interest–and we all want to experience the physical world and what it has to offer.

We have a group purpose and that is to tear down group structures to allow something new to blossom from the ruins. There is no particular action that we take in order to accomplish that; it is simply an effect of the presence of our energy. Our being on Earth creates this effect and when we are present the very fabric of human consciousness will undergo drastic changes as old constructs are being torn down to make way for something new. As each of us as individuals grows spiritually, so does the whole. Every change in the individual, no matter how small, changes the whole because we are all connected. I say we are a group soul of thirteen but that thirteen is also a part of a larger group, and larger still. But our current spiritual awareness or consciousness is focused on the thirteen, and that focused expression is called Chimeron.

That being said. If you want to change the world, all you have to do is change yourself. Change your own view and the world will change around you accordingly. That is how it is done because you cannot change the view that you are not experiencing. Nor should you judge a view you are not personally or have not personally experienced. Your reaction to what is happening around you is entirely your view. Own your experience.

But we are not here to lecture. We are here simply to express our mental “doodles” you might say. Our stream of consciousness.

This is what this blog is all about. Self–or in our case, the group–expression One blog entry we may discuss who we are as a whole, as we have done here today, another entry might delve into a single part of who we are. Or we may wander off to a story then suddenly change direction, right in the midst, with a variation or another story entirely; with another thought. Perhaps a visual doodle or mandala is what we want to share at the moment, or some other expression entirely.

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