Wolf: Wild Child – Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is a story that is written in a very limited number of words but still conveys a complete story. The following is a flash fiction of Wolf: Wild Child.

A wild child coming out of the bayou. Unfamiliar noises assault me. Unfamiliar sights. Unfamiliar smells. What is that? What are they saying? Confused and scared, yet drawn in. Intrigued. They look like me. Do I belong here? I follow. Where are they leading me?

A mental hospital. Locked-in. Missing the bayou; the sound of the birds and the insects, the sounds of the animals rustling in the underbrush and the feel of the sun and wind on my face.

Learning the words again. Distant memories return. Ugly memories. Memories of why I ran.

Trying to fit in. Wanting to belong. I look like them but am not the same. My heart is wild. They want to tame me. Civilize me. I want to run again. I want to free but am held bound by locked doors. Held bound by curiosity. Held bound by fear of the loneliness returning.

Understanding comes. No longer wild. Civilized now. Socialized now. Free again; feeling the sun and wind on my face again. Yet, with understanding comes realization. Follow the rules to quell the loneliness. Bound by rules to be free. Look like them. Sound like them. Behave like them. Different is the immediate danger in this wilderness but conformity is a slow death. Day by day, bits and pieces of myself fall away. Is this what it means to be civilized? Surrender who I am? No longer recognize who I am? Forget who I am? Lose myself?

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