Wolf: Wild Child, Chapter 13

On Thursday, the blood results came in confirming Travis to be Wolf’s son. Wolf received a call later that evening to let him know and to tell him that if social services approved of his home environment, he’d be able to take Travis home on Sunday. Lipkin didn’t feel that Travis was a violent child to where he wouldn’t be able to assimilate into normal society. So, at this point, he felt that the boy could continue to learn under his father’s supervision, as there was no indication the boy was mentally unstable.


Lipkin brought Travis to his office before bed and tried to explain days of the week on his calendar. He pointed to the current day, saying, “today.” He pointed to the one before; “Yesterday.” Then to Friday; “Tomorrow. Do you understand?

Travis shook his head no, so, Lipkin tried to find another way to explain. “One day.” He held up one finger. “Sun comes up, the sun goes down.” He made an arching motion with his arm and asked, “Sun?” Travis nodded, understanding sun, so Lipkin continued. “Sun comes up, the sun goes down. Day, night.” Travis nodded, understanding that much.

Lipkin went on and pointed to each little square on the calendar. “Day, day, day.” He then counted on his fingers, “one, two, three”; up to ten, as he had taught Travis to count to ten. “Today.” He pointed to the Thursday block. “This one is now. To-day.”

Travis repeated the word. “Today.”

Lipkin nodded in approval and continued as he pointed to Wednesday, “This one, before; yesterday, and this one tomorrow”; pointing to the Friday block again. He looked at Travis, and though he could see that the boy wasn’t really quite sure of all of it, he continued to explain, pointing to a block several over. “This day. Daddy comes.”

Travis’ face broke in a grin and he pointed to the current block. “Today.”

Lipkin chuckled but shook his head. “No, this day. Sunday. He counted the days out… one day, two days, three days. Sun up, sun down, three times; daddy comes.”

Travis nodded finally getting the gist that it would be in three suns when his father came again. He still didn’t quite understand the blocks on the paper on the wall, but he did understand suns rising and setting.

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