Wolf: Wild Child, Chapter 11

The next morning, Wolf got up and headed off to his first day of work–on time–and he was set to sorting garbage heaps; a nasty, dirty job but it was better than nothing. He was grateful for what he got. Wolf had never worked before but had relied on income from his weed. He had given up the moonshine business when his father had died and had just stuck to the weed. But Wolf hadn’t needed much in the past, he had hunted for himself and his boy and rarely had gone to town at all.

His own father had visited more often when Wolf was a kid, and he had also gone to school, but when he had turned an adult he had pretty much disappeared into the swamps, only being seen by his customers and from time to time the old man who had raised him after his father had died.

Though everyone knew Wolf was out there, of course. Word of mouth in Bon Faire spread faster than a wildfire in the heat of summer during a drought.


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