Wolf: Wild Child, Chapter 7

Lipkin watched the monitor as Travis slept, whimpering and kicking his legs in his sleep like a puppy. He had heard the puppy-like sounds he had made earlier in the day and also a howl when his father had first tried to leave, which made Lipkin wonder if he had been raised by wolves or at least had been in close observation of them. It might explain how he had survived on his own at such a young age.

Wolf had given the boy’s date of birth, though he had said Travis had been born at home and that the boy’s mother had shoved the kid in his arms and had left him; which was partially the truth. Wolf gave the name Katie Phelps as the mother.


The whole truth was that Wolf had been forced to kill Katie when Travis was born on a full moon and in a partial wolf form. The effect only lasted for a couple of days, but Katie had freaked out and had run off screaming. Wolf had tried to calm her down to explain but ultimately had been forced to snap her neck and bury her deep in the bayou due to her hysterics and the fact that she was bleeding out and they were simply too far out in the swamps to get her to town. As her panic had risen, Wolf felt it just best to put the poor woman out of her suffering.

Wolf hadn’t even been sure his son would turn out a werewolf, because his mother was human. It was extremely rare for a child of a human and were-creature to become a were-creature, and even rarer for one to be born on a full moon. Wolf regretted killing the woman as he had truly loved her, which was one reason he had tended to take his anger out on Travis growing up. If the little bastard had just been born a couple days sooner or a few days later; then Wolf could have hidden what they were from Katie.

But Wolf was over Katie now and he wanted his son back. He had things to teach him, such as how to control his shift. Right now, it was new to the boy and he likely had no awareness of it and definitely had no control over it, nor any control over what he did while in that form. So hopefully the blood test would come in before the next full moon, or Wolf might have to break the boy out of the insane asylum.


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