Wolf: Wild Child, Chapter 4

Wolf was charged with drug dealing and growing marijuana, as they had found his farm out back. He was sentenced to thirty years in prison and sent to the State Penitentiary. And after a time, everyone forgot all about the missing four-year-old.


About five years later, Travis returned to his house, but it was overgrown. Still, he decided to move back into it, as it was familiar. He shed more tears for his father when he went inside, wondering what had become of him. It had been a lonely time in the swamp; so long alone.

He wandered the small house softly calling for his father, “Daddy?”

Travis sighed and curled up on the couch, staring at the empty beer cans that were rusted now. The house remained unchanged from when his father had been taken. Travis had no idea how much time had passed, though he was nine years old now.


Travis spent another five years in the house, but finally grew the courage to sneak into the town he had discovered several months back while exploring. It was far from his home, maybe thirty miles but there were people and lots of noise and activity that he had never seen before, and so it drew him in. The swamp had been noisy but with the sounds of insects and animals rustling in the trees and underbrush; this place was very different. The town was actually quite small in comparison to others, though Travis didn’t know that. He had never seen a town before.

Travis’s boxers had long since worn away but he had found a pair of his father’s jeans and was wearing them now; cut off at the ankle to fit his height, as his father had been much taller, and pulled tight at the waist with a rope belt. He wore no shirt or shoes and he was covered in years of dirt and filth; his hair long and matted and in his face most of the time, and he had a wild look to his eyes.

So, one could only imagine the reaction of the citizens of this small town when he appeared on the streets, walking right down the middle of the street, totally oblivious to the danger of the cars until one beeped at him, causing him to jump a clear foot in the air and run into the nearest alley; cowering in fright.

After a bit though, Travis curiosity drew him forward again but not completely out in the street as before but in the entrance to the alley where he could watch what was happening.

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