My Unicorn Horn Wish

A story for my granddaughter

This story was written in a Reverse Mad Lib style, which uses five random words to create a story, as opposed to using random words to fill in a prefabricated story, as in done in Mad Libs.

Bailee’s five random words: Unicorn, Pink, Purple, Blue, Food

  • 1st – used in the title
  • 2nd – used in the story setting
  • 3rd – used in the plot
  • 4th – in some way relates to the main character
  • 5th – open use


I woke up, stretched, and removed my sleep mask; as I always do, because it’s kind of hard getting around with the sleep mask on when you’re awake, especially if you don’t want to bump into things. My eyes suddenly boggled–a new word I learned at school. Well, sort of new. It was actually on last week’s word list.

But the reason my eyes boggled…


I love the sound of that word. Boggles, boggles, it boggles the mind!

Oh, anyway, what was so boggling was that everything had turned pink. Now, as much as I love pink, and I do really, really, really, really love pink, having everything pink made the world look monochrome. That’s a newer word I learned in school, just this week. I’m in second grade now and I love learning new words, especially the big ones. So, I feel that this is a good time to use “monochrome” because I like talking like an adult. My teacher says that I sound like a little adult, the way I talk. Anyway, back to the pink…


After a quick look, around the room. I stood for a moment scratching my head, wondering why everything was pink, and then I realized that not only was everything in the room around me pink, I was pink too! My skin, my hair, my pajamas…



Hm, I wonder if this has something to do with that wish I made before bed last night on Rainicorn’s horn; wishing that everything in the world was pink? Rainicorn is the stuffed unicorn that grandma got for me.


I can’t be dreaming, because I just woke up. So, that means… My wish came true!

Wait, if that wish came true, then why didn’t any of my other wishes I made on Rainicorn’s horn come true?


I’ll have to figure that out later. Right now I need to figure out how to turn things back to normal. I’m already tired of looking at just pink and I haven’t even left my bedroom yet. Oh, wait! Maybe only my bedroom is pink. I’ll go check the rest of the house.


Darn! Everything’s pink, even outside when I looked out a window.


Well, I’m going to have to fix this or everyone is going to be annoyed that everything is pink. Hm, I better keep my wish to myself though, I don’t want to get into trouble. Mommy might take Rainicorn away if she finds out that I wished this on her horn, and I absolutely love, love, LOVE unicorns, so I better fix this fast and make sure no one ever finds out why everything is pink. Maybe I can even fix it before anyone else wakes up.

I’m really starting to feel blue now. Pink is supposed to be a happy color, blue is sad. So how come I feel blue when everything is my favorite color, pink? Well, at least if I have to feel blue, blue is my second-favorite color.


Mabel, my most favorite stuffed animal, started speaking when I came back into my room. She talks all the time, and she’s usually grumpy. But right now she’s laughing.

“Ha-ha! Everything’s pink and that stupid unicorn you love so much is going to go in the trash when mommy finds out.”

Mabel! That’s not nice!

But Mabel doesn’t seem to care as usual and now she’s singing.

“Your unicorn was naughty, your unicorn was naughty.”

Mabel! I’m going to put you on a timeout if you don’t stop that right this minute! Help me figure out how to get everything back to the normal colors.

Mabel put her own hands on her hips like how mine were right now, which was hard for her to do because she has really short arms. Good thing her hips were close by. “I might know how to fix it but I’m not going to tell you how because you don’t love me anymore, Bailee. You just love your stupid, precious unicorn. Unicorn this, Rainicorn that… You even want to go trick-or-treating as a unicorn. You’ve never gone trick-or-treating as a cat-dragon.”

Well, only because I couldn’t find a cat-dragon outfit. And, grandma did dress you up as a vampire with vampire teeth and a cape one time. Remember?


You know you are my favorite, Mabel; forever and ever. I just like unicorns, for the moment. Please help me turn everything back again. You know… mommy might decide to take all my stuffed animals away, just in case they might do naughty things too, and you have been known to do naughty things, Mabel. So, that means into the trash with you too, I guess. Besides, if you haven’t noticed, you are pink now; not green anymore. And you hate pink. So, you should help me if you want to be green again and if you don’t want to end up in the trash along with Rainicorn.

It was true that Mabel hated pink, but apparently until now she really hadn’t noticed that she was pink too, because now Mabel’s eyes were boggling as she looked down to notice her own color.

“NO! I’M PINK! Okay, okay. I’ll give you a clue, but you are going to have to do the work yourself because you got yourself into this mess. You know grandma keeps telling you to be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.”


Mabel was quiet for a moment, glaring at Rainicorn but, finally, she turned to me and started to speak in her “lecturing” tone. I really hate her lecturing tone.

“Well, Bailee, this is probably something you don’t know about unicorns but colors are their favorite food. Unicorns love eating colors, even more than I love eating fish and broccoli. So, when you made that wish last night, Rainicorn decided that she wanted everything pink. That’s the only reason everything is pink now. Only real unicorns can grant wishes, and she’s just a stuffed animal in the human world, unlike myself who is real in all worlds. But when Rainicorn goes to Unicorn Land–and she did last night–she turns into a real unicorn, and then she ate all the colors in the world except for pink.”

Rainicorn suddenly spoke up. “That’s a lie, Mabel! You are just trying to get rid of me! Unicorns don’t eat colors. We dip our horns into Rainbow Lake and make rainbows in the human world with them. That’s the only time we do anything with colors. Everyone knows that! Tell the truth, Mabel!”


Maaaabel! Tell me the truth! Did you turn everything pink?

Mabel started giggling, so, I figured she must have done it, but when I reminded her that she was pink herself and might end up in the trash again she stopped giggling.

Fix this Mabel! Right now!

“Fine! But I didn’t do it. This was an evil plot of Purple. Everything’s not pink. You really need to learn your colors, Bailee. Pink is a mixture of red and white. This is magenta–also known as fuchsia–which is a color that is halfway between red and purple on the color spectrum. And as you know purple is a mixture of blue and red. So, when you made your wish, it gave Purple an idea of how to achieve his own lifelong wish of wanting to rule the world with the color purple and how to get away with it. So, he devised the evil plot of kidnapping Yellow and enslaving Red and Blue to do his bidding; forcing them to make magenta only. He knew that you’d think it was pink because magenta hasn’t been on your word list yet. So, he knew everyone would blame you for wishing the world pink, and no one would ever know it was him. And it is kind of your fault because you were the one who made the wish that got Purple thinking up his fiendish purple plot, so you are going to have to go to the Color Kingdom and somehow free the primary colors; Red, Blue, and Yellow. Good luck with that.”

Mabel giggled again, and I really wanted to smack her, but I had work to do. I had to get everything back to normal before mommy and daddy woke up.


It’s lucky that I’m a kid because all I had to do to get to the Color Kingdom was close my eyes and imagine myself there. Adults would be able to do this too if they would stop saying that imagination isn’t real. Anyway, I am also lucky that I am entirely pink… err, magenta, because I am blending in very nicely in Purple Town, which means I can sneak around unnoticed.

I didn’t have to search for Purple Town, or for Purple Castle because I imagined myself there. Besides, there was a sign on the castle gate that said “Purple Castle”, and of course I can read now that I’m in second grade. I didn’t even have to read the sign out loud. I read it silently in my head.

But now I’m wondering how to get in without Purple noticing.

Oh, look! There’s a cook with some helpers going inside the castle with crates full of fruits and vegetables; all shades of purple, of course. I’ll grab that purple tomato that fell out of one of the crates, and just follow them in.

Yuck! I do not like tomatoes. No way am I staying for dinner. But I ran over and picked the yucky tomato up anyway, joined the line, and followed the cook and his helpers inside. I didn’t have a chef hat on or even an apron. I was still wearing my pajamas, but no one seemed to notice or care. So, once I left my tomato in the kitchen on a counter, rather than starting to help cook, I snuck into another room to see what was there.


Drat, just a large pantry.


I guess I’ll have to go search the rest of the castle.

Oh, wait! Look! There’s a trapdoor over there! Of course, all self-respecting castles had trapdoors in them. So, if Purple had captives, they would either be in a dungeon or in a trapdoor room. Maybe the trapdoor even led to the dungeon. All I know is that trapdoors always lead to things people wanted to keep secret. So, I snuck down the trapdoor ladder being careful to quietly close the trapdoor before I finished going all the way down the ladder so that no one would wonder why the trapdoor was open and find me there.


Holy Moley! What is that?

I stared in surprise at a weird magenta colored two-headed, four-armed, four-legged monster standing in a huge cauldron of magenta liquid. “Cauldron” is another word that was on my word-list this week. That’s what witches use to brew their witchery. Anyway, this particular cauldron was pumping the magenta liquid through a clear pipe to somewhere else.

I better not mess with monsters though, and Red, Blue, and Yellow aren’t down here. So, back up the ladder, I go.

But I stopped from going up the ladder again when I heard a whisper, “Help us. Please.” Or maybe it just sounded like a whisper because I suddenly noticed the clear plastic container the monster and cauldron were in. So, I went over, not feeling afraid of the monster anymore because it didn’t look like it could get out of the plastic cube.

Are you stuck in there? I really don’t know what to do to help you. Besides, you look like a monster and you might eat me if I let you go.

One of Magenta’s heads–that’s what I decided to call the monster–spoke again, though it still sounded like a whisper through the plastic cage. “You need to talk quietly. Someone might hear you up above. Purple has captured us. He put Yellow in the dungeon and he put me and Red in here and twisted us together. He’s forcing us to make magenta only and not allowing any other colors into the human world. This pipe leads to the Color Factory, but Purple is only letting magenta spill into the human world.

The other head started talking next. I guess that one is Red’s head.

“Normally we each have our own pot that we lay in, in our own castles, but those aren’t covered with a plastic cage like this one is. So, we’re not trapped inside our own cauldrons and only get into them when the factory needs more of our primary color. But there is a large pipe like this one that goes from our cauldrons to the color mixing plant to make all the colors of the world. You need to untwist us and then we need to rescue Yellow from the dungeon and get to the Color Factory to open up all the other color valves. Purple has closed all the valves except for magenta.”

But how do I untwist you? And how do I get you out of that plastic cover?

One of the four arms pointed to a small booth attached to one side of the cauldron that I hadn’t noticed before, but I noticed now that the booth was under the same plastic covering as the cauldron.

“Push that red button in front of you, and that hook above us will lower to grab us and pick us up.”

I glanced up and saw the hook they were talking about. I hadn’t noticed that before either.

“Then once you have a good hold of us, use the left lever to move us side to side, forward and back, up and down, and the right lever to release us once you get us over the opening in the booth. Then when we’re in the booth, push the blue button and it will untwist us. And finally, once we’re untwisted, push the Yellow button and that will lift the plastic cage.”

I looked up at the hook again and blinked a few times because it looked just like one of those games where you have to grab a stuffed animal with the hook. And I never, ever, get the stuffed animal I want. No matter how many quarters I spend.

Uh… I’m not very good at the hooking game.

Both heads spoke at the same time. “Just try please.”

So, I shrugged and pushed the red button and started working the levers to get it positioned over Magenta. I still called Red and Blue, Magenta because it’s hard for me to tell which part is which with them twisted together and looking magenta. Anyway, it took quite a few misses but I finally managed to get a good hold of Magenta and over to the booth where I dropped them down. It was a good thing that I didn’t need quarters because I didn’t have any, and I probably would have run out even if I had brought some. That’s what always happens when I play the hook game at the grocery store when I go shopping with grandma.

Oh no! The noise of the hook must have alerted someone above. Purple is storming down the ladder into the trapdoor room. I hurried up and pushed the yellow button to free Red and Blue who were now separate from one another. But Purple grabbed a hold of me before I could run away. But Red and Blue managed to escape up the trapdoor ladder.

Oh no! I heard them lock it!

Hey! Don’t leave me down here!

I started to cry because I was locked in the trapdoor room with Purple.

That was really mean of Blue and Red to lock me in after I rescued them.

I looked up at Purple who looked really, really, really mad.

“Fine! If I can’t have Red and Blue to make magenta, then I’ll put you in the cauldron, and you can make magenta for me since you’re conveniently the color of magenta.”

But you’re locked in too. I pointed that out, hoping that Purple would work on finding a way out of the trapdoor room rather than putting me in the cauldron, and then I could run out as well once he found a way to escape.

“Good thing I have a secret exit in this room, and the key unlocking it.” Purple jangled a purple key that was on a string around his neck as he smiled triumphantly. That’s another big word I learned. Though I am not feeling quite so triumphant myself right now with me about to be put into the cauldron.


“Bailee. Time to wake up. It’s time to get ready for school.”

I sat up in bed, stretched and removed my sleep mask, but then blinked. Not due to the sudden brightness, but because I was feeling really confused as I remembered where I had just been.

I looked over at mommy.

How did I manage to get free of Purple? He was just about to put me in the cauldron?

Then I noticed that everything was back to normal color. Blue and Red must have freed Yellow and gotten the Color Factory working right again.

Everything’s back to normal! It’s not all pink anymore… err, magenta, I mean.

I saved the world!


Mommy paused in the doorway having been about to go back out to wake up my brother, and she gave me one of her looks. “Okay, crazy-pants. Just don’t fall back to sleep. I have to get ready for work and I don’t have time to keep checking to see if you’re up.”

I looked over to Mabel and Rainicorn after mommy left the room but they both just shrugged.

Well, at least everything wasn’t pink… err, magenta anymore, and I wasn’t feeling blue anymore either.

2 thoughts on “My Unicorn Horn Wish

    1. Thanks. Bailee really pushed the limits of my mind with her word choices but it was a lot of fun to do. She wants me to write a book series about Mabel (her stuffed “dragon-cat” which I probably will one day because Mabel is such a character.


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