What is Zen-Chaos?

Finding the calm in the storm

Doodle-1bZen-Chaos is a term I adopted to describe, not only my drawing and writing style but my nature in general, or rather how I choose to deal with my random-chaotic nature.

Published Books

Multiverse-Pain-and-Turmoil-cover ebook-cover Beautiful People

 stuck-at-thirteen diangeli-cover Diangeli-Arising-Scantuary


About the Author

Profile-smallI have been drawing since I was a young child and over the years my style has progressed into drawings which are random-chaotic; in that, I do not plan out in advance what I am going to draw. However, at the same time, the act of drawing is very relaxing and meditative for me. That’s where the Zen comes into play.

I have also been an avid writer for most of my life, starting with personal journals and moving onto self-help and alternative healing articles. I have been involved in creative writing roleplay for more than two decades–at one time running my own online creative writing roleplay forums–before progressing into writing and publishing my own books. And my writing follows a similar random-chaotic pattern as my drawings, as I do not plan out my stories in advance. I begin with a very loose concept in mind, and then I write whatever comes to me at the moment; the story creating itself, and somehow, in the end, becoming a coherent whole.

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